27 July, 2016



Dr. Lubega Patrick
Uganda Coordinator – International Men’s Day
Telephone: +256703273016/+256-751774492

           KAMAPLA, UGANDA – 27 July 2016 -- The East African nation of Uganda has joined the Global Dialogue on Fatherhood and jump started the world’s observance of International Men’s Day ( which was inaugurated in Trinidad and Tobago on 19 November 1999 by Jerome Teelucksingh, Ph.D., a Gender Issues Thought Leader, humanitarian, prolific author, faculty member in the History Department of the University of West Indies, and Chair of the International Men’s Day Coordination Committee. Dr. Lubega Patrick, Uganda’s Coordinator for International Men’s Day and Managing Director of Hands Across and Ms. Rashim Salim, Coordinator of Hand Across in Wakiso, Uganda, East Africa have developed and recently unveiled two powerful models for “Male Recognition For Gender Equality” and ‘Youth Sustainable Skills And Empowerment” which they have moved into Uganda’s agenda for International Men’s Day.

          Through Hands Across and its “Male Recognition For Gender Equality” model, Dr. Patrick and Ms. Salim will work to change societal views on male-related issues by involving families and the community of Wakiso to promote gender equality. The model developed by Dr. Patrick and Ms. Salim is in direct alignment with the mission of international Men’s Day which is working to change the manner in which the world addresses and views the unique issues that confront Men and Boys throughout our global village.

          “The ‘Male Recognition For Gender Equality’ model developed in conjunction with the observance of International Men’s Day has specific aims. The creation and running of a male support center is one of these specific aim which will offer rehabilitation, counseling and life skills training while simultaneously promoting community development. Plans to construct a library is also a component of the specific aims of this model and we will conduct public dialogues on gender equality, and run massive campaigns on gender equality. Our ‘Youth Sustainability and Empowerment’ model which was also developed as a component of Uganda’s agenda for International Men’s Day will comprise, among other things, vocational training, reproductive health and environment programs as well as youth gender protection and youth development programs,” explained Dr. Lubega.

          For further information about Hand Across as well as Uganda’s agenda for International Men’s Day, contact Dr. Lubega Patrick by sending an e-mail to:
          For further information about International Men’s Day, visit its website at

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