25 February, 2021


As of 18 February 2021 at SCI Forest there are 13 active COVID-19 cases among prisoners; 968 prisoners infected with COVID-19 have recovered; and 4 men have died.  I am told that an elderly incarcerated gentleman serving  life without parole sentence tested positive for COVID-19 and died, but he did not die of COVID-19.  He committed suicide.  Six staff members at SCI Forest tested positive for COVID-19 and are considered active COVID-19 cases; 145 staff members who contracted COVID-19 have recovered; and there have been no deaths reported for staff members who contracted COVID-19.  Throughout the Commonwealth of  Pennsylvania, as of 18 February 2021, 496 incarcerated souls have contracted COVID-19;  9,336 incarcerated souls have recovered from COVID-19;  and 103 incarcerated Men and Women have died from COVID-19 due to the negligent behavior of prison staff.  Statewide  as of 18 February 2021, 178 active cases of COVID-19 exist among prison staff; 3,945 prison staff have recovered from COVID-19; and 4 prison staff members have died from COVID-19. 

Now,  on to Pennsylvania State Prison Guards Union President John Eckenrode and his interview of KDKA News on 18 February 2021.  He complained that inmates are being paid to get vaccinated and they will be done before staff.  That's a bold lie. Please go on the Facebook page of  Heather Abraham who spoke on this news story.   Pittsburgh news reporters spoke very badly about prisoners.  What they are not saying is that staff will be vaccinated at the same time as prisoners. On 16 February 2021,  SCI Laurel Highlands began vaccinations ---542 out of 779 prisoners received a  vaccination. Only 60 prison staff members chose to receive a free vaccination.  Also, SCI Forest Superintendent Derek Oberlander just told us that he is not sure how much it is, but any prisoner or any staff who takes the vaccine will be financially compensated.  So we already know that prisoners will be given $25 from the I.G.W.F. (Inmate General Welfare Fund), but I'm willing to bet taxpayers will be paying  for prison staff to receive vaccinations.  . John Eckenrode blatantly lied on the KDKA news  interview when he stated that staff were being vaccinated after inmates. SCI Waymart and SCI Muncy are next for vaccinations. Since I have no internet access, I cannot see the Pennsylvania House and Senate Appropriations Budget Hearings with Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Secretary The Honorable John  Wetzel. I advise everyone to read the transcripts online when available.   All Pennsylvania state prisons have been approved to administer the "Monoclonal Antibody Treatment".  This is a three-hour transfusion that can be done in the infirmary of most prisons.   Some prisons will send prisoners to a local hospital for this. Claire Shubik-Richards, the Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Prison Society  discussed the fact that prisoners are in dire need of this vaccine, but when it comes to people in prison getting anything before the public, we will always be demonized by those who hate us. By blatantly lying on the news, John Eckenrode has shown his prejudice for prisoners. So let me be clear, anyone who takes the vaccine will be compensated. Prisoners will receive money from their own inmate account, an account that accumulates money from the high costs of services to prisoners, money we spend that our loved ones send us to survive because no one can survive off of 19 cents an hour, This is why we must support State Representative Chris Rabb on his Fair Wage Act. Please reach out to him to show your support for fair wages inside and out of prison. Our Superintendent will be vaccinated in front of us with the Moderna vaccine. There is no date set for SCI Forest to be vaccinated but it is  coming. We all cannot be first and we know there is a lot of at-risk women in SCI Muncy who desperately need this too. Our turn will come. If you are a supporter of prisoners or if you have  a loved one in here, please reach out to Heather Abraham on Facebook. See if she will correct her story of the inaccuracies in it.  I will never lie to anyone reading my emails.

On a separate note, I want to offer my sincerest congratulations to the following women: Mildred Strickland and Avis Lee and also to the following men: George Burkhart, Daniel Cummings, Eric Eisen, Reid Evans, Wyatt Evans, Charles Goldblum, Charles Haas, Dennis Horton, Lee Horton, Francisco Mojica, and Gregory Stover. Each one of these 13 human beings were told that their lives did not matter anymore.   All 13 were sentenced to death by incarceration, but these men and women did not give up. They continued to work on their rehabilitation, personal change, and growth. I am extremely happy for each and every one of you.   Chuck Haas, I wish you the best in life my friend. All of you men and women have earned this rare gift. We will not all get this chance but we must never take our eye off the goal -- Parole For All Lifers. We cannot stop until we reach this goal.  We have lost over 100 plus prisoners now to COVID. How do you make commutation only to die of COVID due to poor medical treatment? My sincerest condolences go out to the family and  friends of Mr. Bruce Norris. I did not know Mr. Norris but this is the definition of a tragedy. In my 23 years in prison I have met some amazing men  and women sentenced to death by incarceration. We need to show that there are good people in here. I know that every Lifer who received commutation will go on to be an asset to their community. Some say that people cannot change in here.  These 13 men and women, and many others before them, have proven that theory wrong. It is imperative that we start changing the narrative on Lifers now. Thank you to everyone involved. We all must work together for the goal that we all want -- parole eligibility for ALL Lifers. Not just one group, but all of us. Working together as a team does not make us weak, it empowers us and makes us strong. So please, Lifers inside & out, we all need to work together. Let your voices be heard.

As for my health, I am considered recovered of COVID-19, but I still have a cough for a month now. I want to say “Rest in Peace: to my little cousin Matt, who recently chose to end his life. I have not seen him since he was a little kid and  I feel so much guilt for not being there for my family. We come out of our cells for 70 minutes each day. We must shower, use the phone, send and receive emails  and get our recreation done in that time frame. Sixteen prisoners come out at one time. If you have any questions. Please ask.  You can reach me by sending an e-mail to:  

Stay safe.

Thank you. 

Rob Pezzeca, Rehabilitated Lifer; Unity =Freedom #Prisoners Lives Matter Too

07 February, 2021


IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD® received the following  report from an incarcerated soul at SCI Forest in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who contracted COVID-19.  We are not disclosing the author of the note to protect his identity and prevent him from being the victim of retaliatory actions.  

“I wanted to update everyone on my health and the COVID outbreak in  SCI the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the United States.   After one week of nonstop coughing, it has slowed down. I still can't take a deep breath. A nurse said the damage to my lungs could last 6 months or longer. A lot of people compare this to the flu. Not even close!  I've also heard that the Department of Corrections said most Pennsylvania prisoners who had the virus were asymptomatic. That's wrong. They say this because most prisoners who got COVID from staff, never reported it. If someone hadn't told on me for coughing, I'd never have reported symptoms. People ask why? We're tired of being locked down. We are locked in a tiny cell 23 plus hours per day with another man. No privacy, no exercise, no fresh air. I've been allowed outside once for 15 mins in the last 3 months. This is why they say 80% of prisoners who had COVID were asymptomatic. No, we weren’t! We just never reported symptoms because we're aching to be allowed outside. Okay.  Superintendent Oberlander just gave us the new numbers.  . SCI Forest has 25 active prisoner cases. - 939 recovered,. 4 deaths and a total of 968 positive cases. Staff -  5 staff members actively positive, 140 staff members recovered, no deaths among staff due to COVID.   No prisoners or staff currently in hospital. Statewide – 577 Prisoners: actively positive, 8,848 Prisoners Recovered, 96 prisoners have died. Total of 9,521 positive cases among prisoners statewide.. Staff statewide: 271 staff members actively positive, 3,704 staff members recovered, and deaths among staff members due to COVID-19 and total statewide of 3,979 staff infected with COVID-19.. All 25 prisons are having increases in cases. 100 prisoners here at SCI Forest randomly chosen to do a surgery on vaccine. I was not chosen. Super. Oberlander also said he believes the vaccine for SCI Forest is "weeks out, not months".  

On a separate note, we were told by Deputy Oppman from Central Office who issued a memo on 4 February 2021 that Department of Corrections  will provide paperwork for inmates to file for a second stimulus check. We were told to write to our Unit Manager and ask for them. If you're in contact with Women Lifers, please inform them. They need this too. Please spread the word. Thank you. Stay safe. Grateful,

How can you help this soul and other incarcerated Men and Women languishing in correctional facilities throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who have either contracted COVID-19 or are vulnerable to contracting and dying from COVID-19 because they are aging and elderly or because they have pre-existing medical conditions?  Contact your state legislator (https:.// and ask him or her to support an Accelerated Commutation Proposal  Accelerated Commutation-Resolving COVID-19 Prison Pandemic - The Good Men Project which would release aging and elderly incarcerated souls an incarcerated souls with pre-existing conditions who could die from COVID-19.  

02 February, 2021



The Human Rights Coalition has forwarded the following Senate of Pennsylvania Session of 2021-2022 Regular Session Memorandum promulgated by Pennsylvania Senators The Honorable Anthony H. Williams, The Honorable Sharif Street, and The Honorable Nikil SavalSenators Williams, Street, and Saval   are proposing legislation that resolves the contagious and deadly COVID-19 Prison Pandemic by providing “automatic  eligibility” . Citizens throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are being asked by the Human Rights Coalition to (A) contact their State Senator (https:.// and impress upon them the need to co-sponsor this life saving legislation (B) share the information with others in their network; (C) follow-up with  State Senators to ascertain if they have signed on as co-sponsors for this legislation; and (D) ask souls in their networks to contact their State Senators and ask them to co-sponsor the legislation and follow up with them to determine if they have done so.





January 28, 2021 02:09 PM


Senator Anthony H. Williams and Senator  Sharif StreetSenator  Nikil Saval


All Senate members


Expanded Eligibility for Medical and Elderly Release to Mitigate COVID-19 in PA’s Prisons

In the near future, we will be introducing legislation to expand eligibility and improve the process for reprieve of prison sentences for the elderly and infirm during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the beginning of the crisis, and especially since November 2020, the rate of COVID-19 infections has increased dramatically at our state correctional institutions. To date, over 9,200 incarcerated people and 4,065 institutional staff have tested positive for COVID-19. This, in turn, has resulted in 97 deaths for those confined within the prison and sparked possibilities of community spread with prison staff. 20 percent of those deaths have taken place in the first two weeks of 2021, and incarcerated people are dying at a rate three times higher than Pennsylvania at large.   

Incarcerated people are among the most marginalized members of our society. They are considered undeserving of basic rights and are often marked throughout their lives -- no matter how good their conduct in prison -- as “criminals.” The COVID-19 pandemic only deepens this marginalization.  At a time when hygiene and physical space are public health imperatives, the tight quarters in Pennsylvania’s prisons make social distancing virtually impossible. Trying to overcome these constraints, the Department of Corrections has placed infected individuals in solitary confinement—a punitive measure for people that have done nothing wrong other than being exposed to the virus. Similarly, the dozens of incarcerated people that have died from the virus received a form of capital punishment, to which no judge sentenced them, and for crimes they did not commit. 

The Pennsylvania legislature can stop this. In April, Governor Wolf and Secretary of Corrections John Wetzel announced a targeted reprieve effort to protect the lives of inmates who are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus given their advanced age or health conditions. Our bill builds on the Governor’s Executive Order to create a streamlined process for identifying and releasing inmates who are not a danger to community safety. It establishes automatic eligibility for all inmates over the age of 65 or with comorbidities which make them especially vulnerable to coronavirus. It then allows those eligible to return home where they can properly protect themselves from COVID-19. 

Time is of the essence and the unprecedented deadliness of the virus demands swift, decisive actions. As COVID-19 cases rise throughout the country, it is our responsibility to make sure the most vulnerable people have the means to protect themselves, and by extension, others. This includes both prisoners and correctional staff. Please join us in co-sponsoring this very important legislation. 




        On Sunday, 20 December 2020, Mr. James Muhammed Taylor (#AF4120) (  celebrated his 79th birthday at SCI Phoenix in Collegeville, Pennsylvania where he has flawlessly served 49 years of a life without parole sentence. A pathway that could lead to Mr. Taylor being granted accelerated commutation has opened.  It is a pathway that requires your support.  Why should you support Mr. Taylor’s pathway for accelerated commutation?   Who is Mr. James Muhammed Taylor?


          To souls “on the inside”  -- at SCI Phoenix -- whose lives he has helped to transform, Mr. Taylor is  a Teacher, Mentor, and Father Figure.  For souls “on the outside” – particularly, community stakeholders in the metropolitan Philadelphia  area – Mr. Taylor is an “inside out” Reentry, Criminal Justice Reform, and Social Justice Thought Leader and consultant upon whom they rely for solutions-based strategies that will help effectively address and resolve the myriad of challenges that marginalize their communities – challenges that include, but are not limited to, gun violence, recidivism, street crime, the “school-to-prison” pipeline,  and lack of access to legitimate real-life career and employment opportunities for at risk-youths and young adult males.  This speaks volumes about Mr. Taylor’s value to the community he will return to.  Provided below is a snapshot of Mr. Taylor’s accomplishments which have positively enhanced his institutional environment and transformed the lives of other incarcerated souls along with the work he has done from “the inside out” to address the myriad of issues that marginalize our society: 


·                     People Advancing Reintegration - Mr. James Taylor, is the founder of People Advancing Reintegration (“PAR”) which was established in 1989 at SCI Graterford (now SCI Phoenix) to reduce recidivism by helping incarcerated souls prepare for their freedom in a realistic and responsible manner through its Day One Parole Preparation Course.  In 2016, Mr. Taylor’s initiative morphed into People Advancing Reintegration—Recycle Works (“PAR-Recycle Works”) (, a non-profit organization that employs Returning Citizens in Philadelphia and has an estimated annual income of US$1,000,000.  


·                     Reentry Zone -  West Philadelphia has been selected as the proposed site for a gun violence free and crime free business-driven Reentry Zone  (https://www.newsbreak. com/pennsylvania/philadelphia/news/2053246096542/business-driven-reentry-zone plans-unveiled-by-inside-out-social-justice-reentry-and-criminal-justice-reform-visionary-mr.-james-muhammed-taylor and -driven-reentry-plans-unveiled-by-inside-out-social-justice-reentry-and-criminaljustice-reform-visionary-mr-james-muhammed-taylor).  The business-driven Reentry Zone will provide Returning Citizens with housing, jobs, vocational and entrepreneurial training, clothing, food, and transportation.  Mentoring and vocational and entrepreneurial skills training will be provided to at-risk youths and young adults through Project Pipe Line To Prison Youth/Reclaiming Their Lives As Men at the gun violence free and crime free business-driven Reentry Zone.  As of this writing, work has commenced to establish the Reentry Zone in West Philadelphia. 


·                     Project Pipeline To Prison Youth/Reclaiming Their Lives As Men –  Barriers to successful reintegration that confront incarcerated African American young men upon their release from prison were addressed through mentoring sessions conducted at SCI Phoenix (formerly SCI Graterford) prior to its temporary cessation that occurred in March 2020 due to COVID-19.   Designed by Mr. Taylor, Project Pipeline Prison To Youth/Reclaiming Their Lives As Men has successfully transformed the decision making and behavior of incarcerated young adults through mentoring sessions. The initiative will serve as one of the components of a gun violence free, crime free, and business-driven Reentry Zone which Mr. Taylor has also designed.  


              In his role as a key member of SCI Phoenix LIFERS, Inc.’s ( Internal Team and assisted by an External Team comprised of key community stakeholders, Mr. Taylor   co-implemented the “Middle Neighborhoods At-Risk Youth And Young Adults Mentoring Program, A Branch Of LIFERS, Inc. Public Safety Initiative External Affiliations” --  a gun violence prevention/reduction initiative.  The initiative, which was approved and funded by the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Violence Prevention  (, prior to being suspended on 23 March 2020 due to Coronavirus-2019, was to operate for 13 weeks beginning on Saturday, 22 February 2020 through Saturday, 16 May 2020  in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  


              On 17 February 2020, Mr. Taylor was one of the co-facilitators of and presenters for the SCI Phoenix LIFERS, Inc. – Senior Policy Advisors Presidential Campaign Criminal Justice Reform Conference Call with, among others, the National Policy Director for the Buttigieg Presidential Campaign.  Mr. Taylor presented his solutions-based initiatives that addressed the underlying causes of recidivism, street crime, gun violence, and mass incarceration.


              The recipient of the Pennsylvania Prison Society’s Prisoner Of The Year Award, Mr. Taylor is the holder of an Associate Degree in Business and Accounting from the Pennsylvania Business Institute, and  a key member of SCI Phoenix   LIFERS, Inc.       ( which represents Criminal Justice Reform from the “inside out” and has amassed a research-driven written body of  work and solutions-based initiatives that span three (3) decades.


              Mr. Taylor served as a tutor in the Prison Literacy Project and completed a correspondence course in Short Story Writing offered by the Writer’s Digest School.


              During his incarceration, he was granted escorted leave twice – to receive “The Prisoner Of The Year Award” from The Pennsylvania Prison Society in recognition of his establishment of People Advancing Reintegration ( in 1989, an inmate self-help program at SCI Graterford – and to speak at Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences on behalf of Educating Children for Parenting (


              For nine (9) years, Mr. Taylor taught  “Thresholds, A Problem-Solving & Decision Making Course”.  


           When Mr. Taylor returns to society, he will be equipped with  well-honed communications, entrepreneurial, leadership, business management, problem-solving, and research skills that he  developed during his  four (4) decades of incarceration.  Supported by a diverse group of community stakeholders who will welcome him with open arms, Mr. Taylor will utilize his skills to complete the transformation of his vision for a gun violence free, crime free, and business-driven Reentry Zone into an entity that reduces recidivism by providing Returning Citizens with housing, jobs, vocational and entrepreneurial skills training, clothing, transportation, and food.  The Reentry Zone removes the barriers to successful reintegration that many Returning Citizens struggle with; drastically reduces recidivism; and stabilizes the communities the Returning Citizens will reside and work in.  The reduction in recidivism reduces the taxpayers’ burden and frees up funding that city governments can employ to, as an example, rebuild decaying infrastructures, improve the public education system, and expand local and regional transportation services.  Under Mr. Taylor’s leadership, the gun violence free, crime free, and business-driven Reentry Zone will simultaneously  create economic sustainability for the marginalized community it surrounds.  This will, in turn, reduce gun violence and street crime, create employment for Returning Citizens and community members, and invigorate neighborhood commercial corridors. 

          As a city, as a nation, and as a society, we have everything to gain by granting Mr. Taylor a second chance.  He stands ready to return to society to prevent and reduce  gun violence, recidivism, and the “school-to-prison” pipeline and to prepare at-risk youths and young adults to become our city’s “Next Generation of Leaders” by implementing the research-driven and solutions-based initiatives he has designed during his 49 years of incarceration.     

           You can join fellow community stakeholders in supporting Mr. Taylor’s pathway to accelerated commutation by writing a Letter of Support on his behalf. 

           The Letter of Support should be addressed to

Pennsylvania Board of Pardons

333 Market Street

15th Floor

Harrisburg, PA  17126


            Your Letter of Support should be placed in a mailing envelope which is addressed to the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons as follows:


The Honorable Brandon J.. Flood


Board of Pardons

333 Market Street, 15th Floor

Harrisburg, PA  17126


          Alternatively, you can e-mail a signed and scanned copy of your Letter of Support to the Commutation Support Campaign for James Muhammed Taylor #AF4120 by sending it to:   The Commutation Support Campaign is hand delivering Commutation Support Letters for Mr. Taylor to the United States Post Office where they will be mailed beginning Friday, 5 February 2021.     Please direct any questions you may have to:


            Mr. James Muhammed Taylor ( and his Commutation Support Campaign extend our heartfelt thanks to each of you. 

31 January, 2021


The ethnic cleansing that is being conducted on prisoners held in custody of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections for years comes in the form of their  slowly dying from a Death Sentence not imposed on them from the court system. This is a Federal and State issue which went into effect some twenty years ago that was decided under the Law and Order - Get Tough On Crime mentality under our past and present elected officials. Politicians see a cheaper and more baleful way by building maximum security institutions on toxic land.

             In 2003, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections had SCI-Fayette built --knowing damn well – on land located  on the edge of a coal ash dump for a nearby coal mine. Now, I was mysteriously transferred here to the Plantation of SCI-Fayette from SCI-Dallas under the guise of an Administrative transfer only to silence me from exposing the fraud, embezzlement, stealing, and misappropriation of Pennsylvania citizens’ tax dollars by the DOC. I believe that after twelve years of settlement and saturation in this coal ash (which contains arsenic, lead, mercury, on top of what the EPA lists of “Toxic Pollutants”), I was sentenced to a slow death imposed on me by the Executive Branch of the Department of Corrections to silence me.   I wrote a letter dated Monday, August 31, 2015 to the Pennsylvania Department of the Auditor General, Mr. Eugene A. De Pasquale and that letter was intercepted, seized, and three days later I was transferred to SCI-Fayette for non-disciplinary reasoning that cited I had “too many complaints from other inmates.”

             Just imagine, being in a controlled environment with strong winds containing toxic pollutants that you are subjected to inhale all day every day for years. During this pandemic, we are stuck in these sarcophaguses twenty three hours a day. If you could just see the coal ash dust that these cells accumulate you would be overburdened. The filters have NEVER been changed except for filters where the Correctional Officers congregate. The Maintenance Department is fixing the books to make it look like they are spending thousands of dollars on new filters when in reality all they are doing is using inmate labor to wash and rinse them. For the past five years I have never seen the vents cleaned in the five housing units I have lived in. There has to be an independent body to look into the fraud and mistreatment of those in their custody.

            The effect I am experiencing with the water is that I have never had a skin problem until I arrived on this Plantation. Within just one year, I feel a constant fatigue and a shortness of breath. I have signed up for sick call several times in the past and after those encounters you come to realize that the medical department is contracted out to a private corporation that is in the business of making money. They do not provide adequate medical care. How many prisoners have died of cancer on all of the SCI-Plantations? There is a known fact that all of the PA DOC’s doctors, physicians assistants, and nurses are instructed not to tell an inmate that he is terminally ill with cancer until it is untreatable. I personally do not sign up for sick calls anymore because after so many visits you become mentally exhausted having to explain yourself to someone who doesn’t give a damn. The sad part is that this Administration has these inmates gripped in fear of speaking out, filing grievances, and complaining about the unjust treatment of being oppressed and repressed. What can be done?

             Those on the outside must demand that our elected officials and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections stop the slow death of these fathers, sons, brothers, mothers, daughters, and sisters. Make SCI-Fayette give us the bottled water that guards receive located in the warehouse because of the polluted water.

             Here is a list of the most prominent poisons present in our water system:

  1. Arsenic
  2. Benzene
  3. Carbon tetrachloride
  4. Chlorinated ethanes
  5. Chloroform
  6. Dichlorobenzenes
  7. Dichloroethylene
  8. Ethylbenzene
  9. Fluoranthene
  10. Haloethers
  11. Halomethanes
  12. Lead
  13. Nitrosamines
  14. Tetrachloroethylene
  15. Tolyne
  16. Trichloroethylene

           Drinking water having a pH of less than 7.35 with the presence of these carcinogenic toxins is a cancer causing elixir. The EPA drinking water regulation allows for a pH of 6 in our drinking water, thus, 1500 people die each day in the United States from cancer. The Clean Water Act of 1972 is no longer in effect because the toxic drinking water created by these unlawful discharges are causing “slow kill” benefits for Correct Care Solutions, big pharmaceutical companies, and health insurance industries controlled by the government. Sicknesses and illnesses are caused by the toxic drinking water that the state and the PA DOC provides for those in their custody and they tested the water and found nothing wrong? If you are in a prison right now where you believe your water is toxic, do the research and learn for yourself. You can protest buying from the commissary or go on hunger strike with fellow inmates. Spread this information and fight alongside those who have been wrongfully sentenced to chronic illnesses.  

            If I, Kenneth Beaver, can’t get help from the public at large, the PA DOC will continue doing what they know they can get away with. I assure you no staff here is drinking the water, so why should we have to?


EDITOR’S NOTE:   To communicate with Mr. Beaver, send correspondence to him addressed as follows:



Mr. Kenneth Beaver #NE9248

SCI Fayette

Post Office Box 33028

St. Petersburg, FL  33733fi


Find and contact your state legislators by visiting the following link:  https://www.legis. home/findyourlegislator .  In the interim, a listing for two Pennsylvania State Senators appear below:


The Honorable Katie J. Muth

Pennsylvania State Senator

185 Main Capitol Building

Senate Box 203044

Harrisburg, PA  17120-3044



The Honorable Nikil Saval

Pennsylvania State Senator

Pennsylvania Senatorial District 1

Room 184

Main Capitol Building

Senate Box 203001

Harrisburg, PA  17120-3001



As of 18 February 2021 at SCI Forest there are 13 active COVID-19 cases among prisoners; 968 prisoners infected with COVID-19 have recovered...