26 July, 2016


Queen Mother Falaka Fattah
House of Umoja, Inc.
(215) 473-5893

            Out of the approximately 7.4 billion souls with whom we share our village which we know as Planet Earth, approximately 2.2 billion souls are children – Our Sons and Our Daughters -- the “heart and soul” of the village – its “Next Generation of Leaders, Husbands, Fathers, Wives and Mothers”. The violence that these 2.2 billion souls witness and are subjected to – whether it be violence between nations, violence between adults in their household, or violence in the streets of our neighborhoods which take the form of bloody turf wars between gangs, police shootings, or random “drive-by” shootings – traumatizes them, crushes their resilient spirit, and prevents them from becoming “whole souls”. How do we “teach peace” to the 2.2 billion souls – Our Sons and Our Daughters -- who see and hear violence every day of their lives?

         The House of Umoja, Inc. ( is “teaching peace” to these 2.2. billion souls through the launching of its multi-tiered “For The Children Of The World” Peace Campaign which is endorsed by the USA International Men’s Day Team ( One component of the “For The Children of the World” Peace Campaign consists of 2.2 billion souls signing the Imani Peace Pledge™ which is a spin-off of the “Imani Peace Pact” crafted by Mr. David Fattah of the House of Umoja, Inc. The Imani Peace Pact was an instrument utilized to bring years of bloody and deadly gang violence in the City of Philadelphia to an end in 1974. A majority of gangs throughout the City of Philadelphia signed the Imani Peace Pact and agreed to permanently lay down their weapons and commit to non-violence. It is a promise that they have kept for over 40 years. The youths who signed the Imani Peace Pact in 1974 are now Fathers, Grandfathers, and Great Grandfathers.

          “Our children do not emerge from the womb as gang members, murderers, drug dealers, drug addicts, robbers, truants, and psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally unbalanced. They emerge as 'whole souls' – souls endowed with a gentle spirit, high intellect, unbridled curiosity, and unconditional love. Exposing these 2.2 billion souls on Planet Earth to violence – be it physical or psychological, causes them to become psychologically, spiritually, and emotionally unbalanced. And are all witness to the manner in which this psychological, spiritual, and emotional unbalance plays itself out day after day. It is creating havoc in our neighborhoods, in our cities, and in nations throughout our global village. The 'For The Children Of The World' Peace Campaign is about addressing this spiritual, psychological, and emotional imbalance,” explained Queen Mother Falaka Fattah, the founder of the House of Umoja, Inc.

          “The USA International Men’s Day Team endorses the House of Umoja, Inc.’s ‘For The Children Of The World’ Peace Campaign. We will work with the House of Umoja, Inc. to promote the campaign. ‘Teaching peace’ to our children is one of the key pieces of the puzzle to creating a better and safer world for everyone,” remarked Diane A. Sears, the United States Coordinator for International Men’s Day, Chair of the USA 2012-2022 International Men’s Day Ten Year Plan Committee; and member of the International Men’s Day Coordination Committee where she represents the United States.

           For further information regarding the House of Umoja, Inc.’s “For The Children Of The World” Peace Campaign, contact the House of Umoja, Inc. by calling (215) 473-5893 or send an e-mail to:

          For further information about the House of Umoja, Inc., visit its website at

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