13 January, 2012


International Men’s Day recognizes the importance of human life. Supporters and observers of IMD are interested in seeking help and providing advice to those persons who are considering suicide as an option.

Your life is important and you have an important purpose on this Earth. Thus, you must not allow anyone or any event discourage you. Maybe you have been bullied, insulted or mocked. Probably you are in jail for a crime you did not commit. Probably your reputation or family name has been damaged. Maybe your parents or guardians do not approve of a relationship or career choice. The trauma of divorce, separation, injury or sickness can make you feel sad, depressed and suicidal. However, there is no need to believe that your death will solve the problem.

In addition to the family of International Men’s Day, there are trained and qualified professionals who can provide counselling to ensure you are again on the track in life. There are support groups and telephone hotlines for you to hear caring voices. Imagine strangers are aware of the value and importance of your life! Certainly you must also be aware of the beauty and value of your life. We want you to overcome your problems so you can be that pillar of strength for others who are facing similar challenges. Learn from your mistakes and move on.

Every moment of your life is valuable. Enjoy each second, each hour and each day. You must treasure your contributions to this world. The world will suffer a loss when you are no longer here. Your presence will be missed by friends, co-workers and relatives. IMD celebrates life. IMD celebrates your presence at this moment. Life is too short for you to decide to make it shorter. You have life and feel it is useless. Do you realize that there are many sick and dying persons who wish they had the chance to live another day!

Life is a treasure that we all are given. Don’t bury this treasure, share it with others. The gift of life is for you to enjoy. Don’t keep this gift unopened and forgotten. Open it and enjoy.

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