13 January, 2012


There are many men and boys who are proper role models but are not involved or unaware of International Men’s Day. They comprise the silent majority who ensure that there is happiness, stability in a family and democracy in a country. This silent majority are enriching lives, bringing smiles to sad face, defending countries, upholding justice and protecting the weak and voiceless. However, this silent majority are rarely in the media because unfortunately bad news sells! But the silence is not real. Their voices are constantly heard in the schools, homes, workplace, religious institutions and the streets. The silent majority are aware of their power and are always careful not to abuse this power. They will continue to shape our society and direct the future.

Yes, the silent majority are quiet and almost invisible to the public but their contributions are invaluable. This silent majority do not care for cheap fame and honour. They are genuinely concerned that their input can make a real difference in the world. They are humble and do not seek any media publicity. It is this silent majority that IMD wants the world to know and emulate.

We need more men and women who are rational, responsible, truthful, supportive and respectful. We should try to convince everyone that such values and qualities are needed. Nobody is perfect but we must strive to attain excellence. We must always continue improving ourselves. International Men’s Day has become part of the social fabric in many countries. Yes, IMD will continue working with the silent majority at all levels of society.

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