01 September, 2010


International Men’s Day could be seen as a tree that is growing. The coordinators must see themselves as the roots of the tree. They often remain hidden from the public but provide stability and nourishment to the movement. Observers and supporters comprise the trunk and branches which are necessary for the tree to grow. The flowers and fruits comprise the achievements of IMD. These fruits and flowers would include improving child-parent relationships, reducing or eliminating violence and producing ideal role models.

We want to hear your opinions on the 6 Objectives. How do they speak to your own experience? How could IMD touch the lives of more persons? Maybe in the future the global participants will decide to elaborate in more detail the benefits of the core objectives to ensure IMD is equipped to better serve humanity.

Weeds are something that is hated by gardeners and farmers. My garden has many flowers and expensive plants. One day a weed appeared and I was too busy to remove it. After a few weeks the weed produced a beautiful lilac flower. I transplanted it to a flowerpot and began to regularly water it. The weed thrived and produced flowers on a weekly basis. Visitors and neighbors would admire the flower and ask the name of the plant. They wanted to buy one at the garden shop.

Some of the critics of International Men’s Day will initially appear as weeds who are seeking to choke and destroy International Men’s Day. Give them a chance and see if their intentions are sincere and genuine. Some of those who criticize your life and actions should be seen as that weed with the lilac flower. It was uninvited but eventually became part of my garden.

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