01 September, 2010


Two of the more popular television shows in the USA are American Idol and America’s Got Talent. In countries across the world, some persons with cable television are also fans of these shows. There is a lesson in these shows which can be applied to International Men’s Day. Hundreds of interested persons audition in the hope of being selected for these two shows which attracts millions of viewers.

The question I want to ask readers – who is your idol? Are your parents or grandparents the idols in your life? Why is your dad your idol? Maybe he is a caring person who is faithful to your mom, helps you with your homework or teaches you how to improve in sports. Is your mom your idol? Maybe she offers wise advice or cares for you when you are ill. Some persons have an older brother or sister who is their idol. You should also be aware that you could be the idol in someone’s life. If you are teacher then some of your students will see you as their idol and some may wish to be a successful teacher. A compassionate doctor or nurse will be idolized by patients whose lives are in their care.

You must realize that not all the idols in our society are ideal. A movie star or famous singer who has committed a crime or promoting violence would gain a lot of publicity. But he or she is neither a suitable idol nor a proper role model.

What is your talent? You might not be blessed with a perfect voice, the strength of an athlete or intellect of a scientist. Probably your present conditions such as poverty do not allow you to develop or use your talents. However, we all have talents. Maybe you can memorize an old song which you sing for the elderly, or you have the ability to make persons laugh and prevent them from being depressed. Do not let your talent remain hidden-- find your talent and develop it!

Some persons have been wondering- when will International Men’s Day reach its full potential? What are the signs that this Day is being observed by the majority of persons? Is this Day relevant to current problems facing our world? These questions can only be answered when we begin to use our talents and decide on our idols or role models.

Today’s challenge is to be wise in selecting our idols, become good idols for others and to use our talents to improve the lives of the less fortunate. These comprise some of the principles of International Men’s Day.

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