06 August, 2019



For Third Consecutive Year, Marine Veteran Marches 125-Miles from Philadelphia to Washington D.C to End Gun Violence and Police Brutality

WHO:              Stop Killing Us (SKU)

WHAT:           125-mile walk from Philadelphia to Washington D.C

WHERE:           House of Umoja - 5625 Master St. Philadelphia, PA 19131

CONTACT:       Mr. Jamal Johnson

                          Telephone:  267-271-9661


WHEN:             Wednesday, August 7, 2019 @ 12:00 p.m

PHILADELPHIA, PA (USA)Since 2017, Jamal Johnson, a 62-year old United States Marine Corps disabled veteran from Germantown in Philadelphia, has marched 125-miles from Philadelphia to the U.S. Justice Department and the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington D.C to draw attention to gun violence and police brutality ,and seek possible further legislation to address both. On Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 12:00 P.M., Mr. Johnson will embark  upon his 125-mile journey to Washington, D.C. from the House of Umoja, Inc. ( at 5625 West Master Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   An alumni of the House of Umoja, Inc., both Mr. Johnson and his brother who were not gang members, were among the over 3,000 adolescent males nurtured by the House of Umoja, Inc.   Established in 1968 by Queen Mother Falaka Fattah and her husband the late Mr. David Fattah, the House of Umoja, Inc. is an internationally acclaimed organization with a 51-year successful track record of positively transforming the lives of and working with children and youths throughout the City of Philadelphia.

Mr. Johnson has been an advocate against injustice for his entire life. Following his retirement from the Marines for disability and retirement from the United States Postal Service, Johnson has traveled across the country to where he’s been most needed: supporting the water protectors at Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter activists in Ferguson, Missouri, and participating in several long-term marches, including the 1,000 mile march with NAACP’s Journey for Justice, the 140 miles from Philadelphia to D.C with the nonpartisan movement to get big money out politics, Democracy Spring. In 2019 he has made numerous visits to the U.S - Mexico border to provide direct aid to migrants.

Noting that the killing of Bankroll Gambino on July 28, 2019  was the 187th killing so far in Philadelphia, an increase of 6 percent since last year, Mr. Johnson stated: 

“In some parts of the country, this kind of continued mass shootings would be considered a national emergency. In Philadelphia, PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro called the recent massacre in Elmwood and the death of Gambino “everyday” gun violence. The deaths in our community needs to be addressed and stopped.”

Johnson is advocating for congressional legislation to address both the rampant gun violence and ongoing police brutality in our nation. At the conclusion of the march, Johnson will hold a press conference on August 28th.

06 July, 2019


          Gale Muhammad was driving along the New Jersey Turnpike on her way to visit prisoners one Fourth of July morning. Listening to a jazz station, she almost drove off the road when a repeat of a pre-recorded interview with me about prisons came on. She scrambled to get a pen and something to write my contact information on. She was successful and she called me later that day, over ten years ago. Our perceptions of our criminal justice system were similar, surprising her, for she hadn’t ever heard a white person with that perspective--a broken, brutal system that destroys spirits. And families. Gale has devoted more than a decade to advocating for families of those behind bars, presented state and national testimony, as together we developed a concept of  a holistic re-entry from prison program that one state grant writer said was “the missing piece in the re-entry world.” We were too ahead of our time to get funded then.

          We finally met in person in a delightful way after many telephone conversations.  She invited me to an event that was being held by  the organization she started, Women Who Never Give Up (    She offered me a table for Sagewriters (, which published books of literary and social merit by prisoners, started in my creative writing group at SCI Grateford in Graterford, Pennsylvania which is now SCI Phoenix.

          I’d never seen her and when I scanned the room, I didn’t see anyone who looked like I thought I’d imagine she’d look based on our many conversations. As I was setting up the book display, I saw a side door open and in she walked, a spirited Black woman who caught my eye in recognition. The band had started playing, and we spontaneously danced across the large room and hugged and laughed. From that day over ten years ago, we’ve been friends and colleagues, with occasional spats.

          The inspiration for her work was the late Tariq Mohammad, a man she’d known before he went to prison for a drug-related offense. She’d been visiting him and writing to him as a friend. 

          After getting a flu shot which had as a preservative, Thimerisol (mercury which is why so many get sick from the shots) and which caused her to be stricken with Guillane-Barre Syndrome and ended up in the hospital for months, unable to walk.

          As a beautiful example of the Kind Minds of some prison staff, the night nurses knew Tariq and respected him, for he was a positive leader and correctional officers depended on him to be a peacekeeper. When he told the nurses about Gale, they risked their jobs, breaking the rules and allowed him into their offices to use their phone to call Gale. They were able to talk for months, during which he reassured her, offered her healing techniques and clearly played a crucial role in her healing.

          When she became well, though she'd be plagued by a lifetime of pain, she married Tariq in a Muslim ceremony in the prison (she’d converted as many women have). With Tariq’s tutelage she became increasingly aware of the injustices of the system, especially for People of Color. Her grandfather was baseball legend, Roy Campanella. She became a passionate advocate for prisoners’ rights and their families, working on the outside while her husband mentored young men on the inside until his death right before I met her. His death from medical neglect only strengthened her passion for justice. Gale’s organization, Women Who Never Give Up, is now a successful agency advocating for justice for the incarcerated and their families and Gale now has a strong statewide and national voice. Presidential candidate, Senator Cory Booker, recently posted “Five Women to Watch in New Jersey", and Gale’s name was at the top of the list. She dreams of someday running for political office. 

Ms.  JUDITH TRUSTONE is an award-winning filmmaker, prolific author whose literary works include, but are not limited to, The Global Kindness Revolution:  How Together We Can Heal Violence, Racism And Meanness (, AND THE CO-DIRECTOR OF THE GLOBAL KINDNESS REVOLUTION, KINDNESS BEHIND BARS IS A PROGRAM OF THE GLOBAL KINDNESS REVOLUTION.  TO LEARN MORE ABOUT  KINDNESS BEYOND  BARS AND THE GLOBAL KINDNESS REVOLUTION, SEND A LETTER TO: GLOBAL KINDNESS REVOLUTION, BOX 215, SWARTHMORE, PA  19081 USA OR SEND AN E-MAIL TO: INFO@TRUSTONEKINDNESS.COM. foregoing article Excerpted from “celling America’s soul: torture & Transformation In Our Prisons & Why We Should Care” 


“Sometimes I wonder if I know her.
Or if I really need to ask.
The woman in you, is the worry, the worry in me.”
--Excerpted lyrics of “The Woman In You” featured on the “Live From Mars” Album
Performed by Ben Harper and The Innocent Criminals—

        From last to first, rebirthed, then re-earthed.  To the alleged reentry writers:  None of the so-called Philadelphia Child Advocates have informed us of your existence, so please read this carefully and publish it for community enlightenment.   In the context of a corrupt court system, this subject is as alien as anything you have ever experienced and would otherwise be unfathomable if the unspoken is not plainly spoken.  The “clear word” must be articulated.  The Dogon Nation of West Africa call it “so daye” (pronounced So Die EE) which means “the “clear word”.  It is the highest state of consciousness.  The peak of one’s “huemanity” comprehended.  It’s when the essence of a word becomes crystal clear in relationship to an event, people or sentient beings.  The Lakota Nation have a similar concept of elevated consciousness in their culture as well.  While the above Ben Harper’s lyrics allows you to understand this experience in the mind and heart, it is the notoriously talented Innocent Criminals Band, that allows you to understand it sonically at the level of spirit.  A transcending, pulsating groove that makes skin and bones comprehend it.  Giving your very skin an explanation that brings it into harmony with the understanding of all the other elements of your being.  A groove that makes spirit a bridge that immediately closes the distance between isolation and intimacy and fires the quest for men to bond with women naturally; and sustain it, with reflections on how to get closer, and go deeper in the understanding.

        Does this have anything to do with my reentry and Philadelphia’s court system?  Oh, you didn’t think this was a philosophical fire drill, did you?

        There is the legal and then there is the psychological.  Legally, my reentry is all about ending my Child-Death-By-Incarceration (CDBI), euphemistically termed “Life (without parole)” – LWOP -- by the state of what I call:  PennCELLvania.  Because it leads the world in dishing out to children this draconian conviction and sentence.  At worst,. I’ll be resentenced and “set free” two weeks or so thereafter.  At best, I’ll be exonerated of all charges and set free – in the true sense of the word – from the courtroom.  For examples of this type of vindication, I have listed, in order, the following names of the following exonerees with an accompanying link to information about their respective cases which appears on the Internet:  Davontae Sanford (; Ivan Serrano ( edu/special/exoneration/Pages/casedetail.aspx?caseid=3626); Steven Crawford (https://www.; Jeffrey Deskovic (; Ryan Ferguson ( 4); Santae A. Tribble (; Kawami Ajamu   (https://www.;   Timothy Cole (posthumously vindicated) (https://www.innocenceproject org/ cases/timothy-cole/);Daniel Taylor ( aspx?caseid=4212)    Rosean S. Har- grave ( Pages/casedetail.aspx?case id=5328). There are many other Exonerees, but these are just enough to wet your appetite against injustice all over America.

      All the above Exonerees were CHILDREN.  Most of them were sentenced to Death-By-Incarceration.  Nationwide, out of all the thousands of vindications, 13% of them are children.  Of that number, almost 80% are Black and Brown hued.   The first crime – which is the worst crime – committed against these children, is that the court system, and all of its agents, did not see them as children.   The entire court entity literally robbed them of their childhood by not even acknowledging that they are in fact – first and foremost – CHILDREN.  When you read all of these stories you will notice that all of the writers refused to call them children, which they would have done if these disgraceful numbers were white faces.  Victims of the court by illegal convictions.   As Philadelphia playwright Sister KoKer!, so profoundly reminds us, the first part of this societal downward spiral, is in us not calling “our children, children”.  But rather every euphemism in the book to avoid the protective hedge of international law that is triggered by the title of child, which also commands multiple moral and national legal obligations on all the adults involved within and without the court system.  Euphemisms like minor adolescent, kid, teen, and youth.  All these terms are commonly used in daily speech, but most don’t know that their true legal and etymological meanings are degrading and designed to circumvent the sympathy and sensitivity that is innate to matters involving children.  The most pernicious of these misnomers is the word “juvenile”.  For a broader understanding of this overall concept of attacking children through legalese, please read “The Essence Of Innocence  The Consequences Of Dehumanizing Black Children”, by Dr. Philip Atiba Goff and “Promoting Racial Literacy In School”, by Professor Howard Stevenson.[1]  This is the reason for this serial series.

       Nevertheless, I realize that if you are not a legal buff, my legal wranglings of being prosecuted as a child who is actually innocent, with the evidence to prove it, may not interest you, but my psychological state may  And as such, in terms of you assisting, in whatever way possible to help me make a successful psychological transition.  To remedy, if at all possible, the sole trepidation I have about my return to the community: Women!

         Sending out a plea from a place where some angels dare not visit.  Try to put yourself in my state boots.  For me, it’s like an involuntary steeple chase, where in order to efficiently navigate the possibility of at least having a smidgen of enjoyment – in what I’m about to embark upon, with my reentry, I must look past the inherent evil of my illegal conviction, and all that this entails.  Meaning, focusing on my family and not so much on Philadelphia’s systemic dirty courts, where prosecutors and judges are identical twins.  And so-called defense attorneys (closet prosecutors) are the third wheel no one wants because you learn quickly they are a part of the rig.

       The mental acrobatics required is a mashup of hurdling and hunting for the holy grail.   Knowing that they both exist, but one is seen and the other is unseen.  The visible drives me to the goal of the unseen, all the while I am walking over a trapeze without a safety net.  The citizenry on the sideline who have not experienced even a single day within the cogs of the court system, see this reality as terrifying, so they dismiss my high wire existence as not humanly possible.  Yet, I do it every morning when I rise, buoyed by “Sweet Honey And The Rock”, continuing the fight for freedom by ending this injustice.  For the Jane and John Q. Public that think one day cannot radically open their eyes to what is going on in the so-called justice system, need only revisit the life and writings of David Henry Thoreau.  After Thoreau spent one night in a Concord, Massachusetts jail, the wool was pulled off of his eyes completely.  Only after one night in jail.  Just one!  His essay “Civil  Disobedience” speaks to this lens defogging consciousness.

      If you want to help me – in a way that’s actually meaningful – to psychologically prepare for my return to the community, then enlighten me on what 2017 Women want.  For more than three and half decades this has been the bane of my existence, thus if my educational outreach is to be in any way relevant, I need you, dear reader, to help me with this, my only hurdle.  One of the several things that was said to me, that was actually useful, when I met with the Chair of the Pennsylvania Board of Probation & Parole, was from one of his Deputies and fellow Board member.  In his truthful acknowledgment of my reentry situation, he was accurate as could be when he said, “A child came to prison, and now a man is returning home.”  Very few people in the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections are that truthful and honest in such contentious matters.  In spite of that vote of confidence, I can ill afford to be presumptuous when dealing with a court system that is more concerned with saving face, than doing the right thing.

       The operative words are “child” and “man”.  Quite honestly though, the man (moi) does not know what 2017 Women are searching for.  Spirituality?  Intellectualism?  Is it all about the salary?  Does money make a man sensible?  Said another way:  Is the standard of acceptance, monetary, thus dollars make “cents” of a man?  Are they searching for emotional reciprocity?  Emotional accessibility?  Emotional availability?  Unbridled physicality?  The former (all things emotional) expressed through the musical prism of the insightful Alanis Morisette and the latter by the even more insightful and vividly expressive Elle Varner. Also depicted cinematically in films like “50 Shades Of Gray”.  Are their songs just songs?  Or are their songs indicative and reflective of what women are looking for in this so-called post modern age?  Is the popular embrace of certain types of cinema as examples of women who are just bored and unfulfilled?  Or just those who are being vicariously stimulated by a deep seated longing for male communication that will nurture connectedness that seeks answers that remove the need to engage in the impossible mind read, in order to build an intimate relationship that goes beyond the predictable or social proverbial?

         Is it all of the above?  It it’s “some of the above”, which “some” is healthy for engagement and which for exclusion?  How do I, without reserve, probe each cavity, well beyond the depths of superficiality, to discover which is which, without encroaching on some tacit – even imaginary – but never acknowledged level of 2017 social etiquette?  Will my constant craving to always delve deeply, explore thoroughly, reciprocate incessantly, create discomfort for the 2017 Woman?  These are the things that give me angst.  Excitement, but also dread.  These issues cannot be merely explained away by declaring that this is about my fearing the unknown, because I embrace the unknown as the yet to be discovered other possibilities.

        Unlike most, I celebrate the unknown because it is the new “mo’ better”. Whether in the form of a life lesson that brings clarity, or reverie from the all too often overlooked complexity in the simple act of breathing.  That is, being conscious of taking a breath for the sake of breathing and not because of some pending danger.  Knowing full well that in spite of all the bullets, blades, and pepper sprays deployed against my soul, not only have I prevailed, but I have transcended the court’s systemic evil.  The perpetual miracle of being alive and present in that life with each heart beat. At times being intoxicated by the rhythm of its percussion.  Simply stated, I do not want to impose on anyone’s space, time, or life.  I want to bring, by synthesis, laughter, fun, joy, excitement, intrigue, and unlimited possibilities to a woman’s life.  Nor do I, by expressing a simple “Hello” want to trigger the societal abnormal norm.  The humdrum, gloom, sadness, anxiety, apprehension, redundancy, and circumspection.   Refusals to succeed, mislabeled as immovable limitations that slowly, even imperceptibly, diminish the sacred self.  Where failure to dare, is refusal to live.  Is she ready for political vocation -- where my staunch “Hueman” Rights, child advocacy for public education, and rights vindication within the courts comes first?

       How can I be mindful about not crossing an unetched line?  More importantly, one I don’t even know exists.  One woman’s modesty is another one’s unwanted suppression of her natural introduction to a no-holds-barred coming attraction.  While another woman’s need for constant social intercourse is deemed aggressive and off putting by the next.  How do I discern the prude from the playmate?  Or all the possible shades in between?  The uninhibited from the emotionally constipated?  Is it dialogue or dress?  If it’s communication, is it verbal or nonverbal?  In her mind, does the dress make the woman look good?  Or does the woman make the dress look good?  Or is it some unexpressed specific 2017 signal that I am absolutely ignorant of because of 36 years of inhumane and unlawful imprisonment?  Is Mother Nature still the navigator?  Does the scent of readiness still lie true for women?  Or has it been replaced by robotic disengagement of her electronic device?  That is to say, when she shuts off her smartphone, she’s tired, thus ready for something else – which could, but not necessarily include, the company of a man?  Not any man, but specifically me, the non-electronic junkie.  But one that is likewise addicted to live “hueman” face-to-face dialogue.  The prolific listener.

         My meditation is that I am not too candid about my psychological state and the buzzing trepidation it feeds.  My personal and empirical courtroom experience, particularly as one under the unacknowledged Child-Death-By-Incarceration Act, has been, more often than not, when one expresses an interest to help – all of a sudden – it’s either superficial or in matters not germane to one’s pressing concerns, especially regarding mental health and freedom.  Health and freedom; success demands that they be a tandem linked at the hip. Thus, if you reach out to children – girls and boys – in my situation, who are now women and men, you must be mindful that we have been robbed of our childhoods – physically, psychologically, economically, intellectually, politically, and socially.  So, bring these resources to the operating table to help repair and restore, if at all possible, all of what has been damaged and stolen.

[1] This serial series is necessary because it is clear that most of the people speaking and writing about our reentry don’t know and they intentionally keep talking to other people who don’t know or know very well but won’t say because it will interfere with their money or prestige opportunities.  In the coming months I will “name names” and connect the dots to the road blockers and misdirectors in our city, lest we forget, “The Philadelphia Negro”  -- W.E.B. DuBois’  searing account of white supremacy’s devastating of Black people, especially children, in Philadelphia, makes us realize that contemporary “brotherly loathing” in our city is the poisonous fruit of the court’s historical tree.  Our desire is to educate not just the Delaware Valley, but also Pennsylvania and both the national and international community about what is really going on behind the curtain in Oz.  And, yes Houston, we definitely have a problem.
Mr. Muti A. Ajamu-Osagboro is a Contributing Author to “Celling America’s Soul”, a critically acclaimed literary work penned by Ms. Judith Trustone ( and Contributing Editor to IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD®.

27 June, 2019


       Imagine a vibrantly functioning “Reentry Zone” in an area of Phoenix where inmates are permitted to prepare for their release through the different projects they have developed for the betterment of themselves?  Well in reality, these activities have long been permitted by progressive minded administrators at Graterford over the years in support of an orderly functioning institution.  And we have not lost any of that support here at SCI Phoenix. 

      Picture this in your mind’s eye.   See yourself returning home into a thriving business-driven Reentry Zone of your own making for Returning Citizens in an ideal area of the “hood” in Philadelphia where you live based on the social reform programs developed by prisoners while in confinement.  Hold on to that picture.

         As Chairman of the Lifers Commutation Committee. I am reaching out to a few men of integrity who would be willing to work with me on the above idea as a project of the Commutation Committee.  Done correctly, it is designed to produce freedom for many prisoners, and mainly for Lifers through the Board of Pardons by way of direct action.  I believe this should be the number one issue Lifers should be fighting for as we continue in our struggle for passage of a “Parole For Lifers” Bill.

       Another important reason for this project would be in providing strong, focused leadership to the prison population in our new situation here at SCI Phoenix.   This is especially so in the face of those concerned inmates who are taking various actions to challenge the troublesome distractions that seem to be unduly occupying some of our minds here at SCI Phoenix.   That means, we’ve got to be very careful of not letting our emotional, reactive behavior to the things coming at us lure the prison population to sleep, fighting against things that, if won, would only amount to being satisfied with the victory of having placed the yoke of pacification around our own necks in our abject condition of imprisonment, instead of keeping our eye on the real struggle of seriously fighting for our well-deserved and winnable freedom by the legitimate means available to us.

        This means that we’ve got to organize a group of men who are willing to work together for the good of everyone (not only in Phoenix), but for all prisoners around the state.  And in no way should we allow ourselves to come into this new situation here at Phoenix with that same old “crabs in the basket” B.S. mentality which had kept the leadership divided, and from being more effective with our collective program initiatives at Graterford.  Those days are gone, and we must not tolerate it here.  Let’s expose that poisonous mentality at its roots just as soon as it rears its ugly head amongst us, whoever they may be!

          To accomplish this task, the Commutation Committee will act  (independently), not being bound by any particular organization going forward.  The Committee’s job will be to act as the business-driven Reentry Zone’s Clearing House in support of any support system directed at helping prisoners towards freedom and economic stability upon release within the Reentry Zone.  This project would allow individuals from Phoenix to be systematically processed out into a project where each autonomous organization can demonstrate its external program initiatives more effectively  within the area of our Reentry Zone.

          There is acceptance of this idea coming from Prisoners Reentry Advocates.  And the foundation for the Reentry Zone has already been laid by People Advancing Reintegration Recycle Works ("PAR"), an electronics waste recycling business which provides jobs for men and women returning to the community from prison.  Our job will be to help to complete that process through direct action.  To that end, I have selected a credible team of inmates and outside volunteers to work with me in the promotion of this project.

          As an Elder, this is the kind of focused leadership I wish to help provide the prison population here at SCI-Phoenix through the Commutation Committee.


Mr.  James  Muhammed Taylor  is  a Contributing Editor to IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD® and Chair of the Commutation Committee of the LONG INCARCERATED FRATERNITY ENGAGING RELEASE STUDIES – SCI GRATERFORD (“LIFERS Inc.”) ( 

16 June, 2019



             In many ways – and for many reasons – Fatherhood transcends the boundaries of geography, religion, culture, politics, language, ethnicity, and economics.    Of the 7.7 billion souls who occupy this space and place we know as Planet Earth, 3.8 billion of these souls are males and approximately 1 billion of these 3.8 billion souls are Fathers. 

          One billion souls – Fathers – who are old, young, poor, rich, homeless, incarcerated, wise, educated, uneducated, married, divorced, single, Christians, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Quakers, Buddhists, Muslims, and agnostics – have the same dreams, hopes, and fears for their children.  One billion souls – Fathers – who speak different languages -- French, Urdu, Spanish, English, Portugese, Swahili, Xhosa, Arabic, Gaelic, German, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Hindi, Bengali, and Punjabi/Lahnda.  Yet, an invisible thread connects each of these 1 billion souls.  

          The 2.2 billion souls – Our Children – is the invisible thread connecting the world’s 1 billion souls who are Fathers to each other.  They are members of a brotherhood – a Brotherhood of Men who struggle quietly and unceremoniously to positively shape the minds and souls of Our Children – the “Emerging Keepers Of The Planet”.  As they experience the joys and challenges of positively shaping the minds and souls of Our Children, they quickly discover that a magic formula for parenting does not exist.  No one has come to them  and said:  “To become a successful parent and have happy, well-adjusted children, you need to do ‘x, y, and z’.”  

Each new day presents the 1 billion souls who are members of the Brotherhood of Men – Fathers – with new challenges.   So many questions flood their collective minds:

“Am I spending enough time with my child?”

“Am I a good parent?”

“Is my child receiving an adequate education?”

“What type of world will my child inherit?”

“How can I keep my child healthy and safe?”
          Children are a man’s “heart and soul”.  He will walk through fire, if that is what it takes for him to provide for and protect his child.  

          To the 1 billion Fathers – the Brotherhood of Men – who walk through fire every day to provide for, protect, and positively shape the minds and souls of the world’s 2.2 billion children – Our Children – the “Emerging Keepers Of The Planet”, the United States International Men’s Day Team(http:///  and IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD® extends a heartfelt “Thank You!”  

          You are important.  You are valued.  You are loved.

Happy Father’s Day!

15 June, 2019


Great souls are always in our midst.  Fleetingly, we obliviously cross paths with them. Great souls are endowed with gifts, talents, and infinite wisdom which they selflessly and unceremoniously employ as tools to inspire . . .  teach . . . and transform.    
Today – 15 June 2019 – marks the birthday of one of our global village’s Great Souls – the late L.T. Henry – a visionary, photojournalist, author, Success Motivation and Sales Trainer,  and classically trained jazz musician who played briefly with The Philadelphia Orchestra and former drummer for internationally acclaimed songstress and film and television actress the late Della Reese.   “L.T.” -- as he was affectionately referred to by the souls who knew him, loved him, were mentored by him, and the chosen few who were members of his trusted inner circle – lived his life “on purpose”,  fearlessly searched for the truth, and in his own unique way – tirelessly fought against injustice.    During his lifetime, “L.T.” used his infinite wisdom and phenomenal gifts and talents to positively transform lives by imparting empowering life lessons.  He inspired the souls who were fortunate to come within his orbit as he nudged them to seek the truth, fight against injustice, and embrace their divine purpose.     And he was a man with a vision.  
"L.T." envisioned a world in which Men would transcend the boundaries of geography, language, politics, ethnicity, religion, culture, economics, and class and work together to address and resolve the key challenges which made it extremely difficult for them to positively shape the minds and souls of Our Children; move their families forward; and strengthen and  empower the communities in which they live and work.   His work to develop his vision -- IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD®  -- was cut short by an untimely death.  Yet, his vision – IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD® -- continues to be resurrected and has become his legacy.   The world that “L.T.” envisioned has taken shape.   
Happy Birthday “L.T.”!

10 June, 2019


STAFFORD, TX (USA) -- Each new day presents the 3.8 million souls who are males throughout our global village with the challenge of transcending the negative stereotypical images portrayed about them by  main stream newspapers and magazines; television news programs and situation comedies; and music videos.   Negative male stereotyping has a marginalizing impact on Men. It is an all too familiar scenario for Men of Color.    Heralded as the “irrepressible optimist with a passion for the impossible” and by Business Innovator Magazine (https://business as  the leading coach for Black Men, Mr. Michael Taylor has created an antidote for negative male stereotyping for Men of Color.   An author, Men’s Issues Thought Leader, entrepreneur, life coach, motivational speaker, and radio and television cable talk show host, Mr. Taylor is launching the “Shatter The Stereotypes” Movement through a webinar on Thursday, 11 July 2019 beginning at 7:30 P.M. (C.S.T.) which is endorsed by the United States International Men’s Day Team (http://www.usainternationalmensday.

           The launch of the “Shatter The Stereotypes” Movement is tailored on a groundbreaking book, “Shattering Black Male Stereotypes:  Eradicating The 10 Most Destructive Media Generated Myths About Black Men” ( authored by Mr. Taylor  and takes the form of a dynamic solutions-based webinar, “Shatter The Stereotypes: Empowering Men Of Color To Live Extraordinary Lives”.  Mr. Taylor, who also serves as the Texas (USA) Regional Coordinator for International Men’s Day (http://www.usainternationalmens, will be joined on the webinar by Messrs. Brandon Alexander, Founder and CEO of New Age Gents (;  Jewel Love, MA, LMFT, CEO of Black Men Executive (https://blackexecutive, psychotherapist, and counselor; and Mr. Ernest Patterson, MS LCDC, a clinician at the Lovett Center (, and a member of The ManKind Project ( where he is a Full Leader.

            “Mr. Taylor’s  launch of the ‘Shatter The Stereotypes’ Movement and facilitation of the solutions-based ‘Shatter The Stereotypes -- Empowering Men Of Color To Live Extraordinary Lives’ is in alignment with the United States International Men’s Day Team’s call for the creation and implementation of solutions-based  initiatives and platforms which help Men successfully transcend the myriad of key challenges created by negative male stereotyping.  We applaud Messrs. Taylor Alexander, Love, and Patterson for collaboratively creating a blueprint for Men of Color to tap into and utilize  their gifts and talents – gifts and talents that all souls with whom we share Planet Earth will benefit from,” remarked  Diane A. Sears, the United States Coordinator for International Men’s Day.

            To learn more about and register for the “Shatter The Stereotypes – Empowering Men Of Color To Live Extraordinary Lives” webinar, please visit: www.shatteringblackmalestereotypes .com).



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