03 July, 2010


As the days and weeks grow, months fly by, and the year closes out, many will find themselves in the same position in which they started. Some will sit back and reflect and realize that nothing has changed in their personal lives and will continue to sit back and do absolutely nothing to effectuate change. While a very few will actually take the initiative to move accordingly to bring about change in their lives.

The problem for those who don’t take the necessary steps to bring about change stems from not realizing that the condition of life that they created is a direct reflection of the life they have created inside of themselves. In their thoughts. When negative thoughts become a part of your every waking day, it eliminates the possibility of positive things occurring in your life.

In addition, negative thoughts are also the genesis of our physical sickness. Because of the tremendous power of negative thinking, it compromises our immune system and weakens its ability to function properly. This gives contagions the opportunity to find their way into our system. As a result we become ill much sooner because our immune system has to now work harder at fighting the invading virus.

Each time we feel the urge of negative thinking coming up into our thoughts, we will have to pause immediately and stop in our tracks and push aside these negative thoughts with something constructive and positive. And, as you practice this daily, it will eventually become a positive characteristic.

What is important in setting up the right foundation is for us to apply the alchemy of belief that negative thoughts will no longer be able to live within our minds. The creative conduit that we innately have, but must tap into, will have to be utilized correctly in order for us to subdue any flow of ideas that are unhealthy and destructive to our wholeness.

When we are impatient with ourselves or do things hastily, it seems like the end result is never what we anticipated. But when we work with patience, discipline, and a thorough understanding of the course we are embarking on, the end result will look a lot different. Much brighter with even greater possibilities.

Life can be difficult and painful at times. But when we begin to mature emotionally and mentally and exercise some form of self-discipline, difficulties will be seen as a stepping stone and not as problems that could hamper our growth. When we were in our younger years, many of us took the little things for granted until they were taken away from us. Then we began to realize how important the little things meant to us.

By living our lives one day at a time while working on our thinking, our attitude, our behavior, our communication, and relationship with ourselves and others, our true happiness will eventually come on its own. You will never have to go out chasing or looking for it. It was already there from the beginning. All it needed was nurturing and the right environment. That place is called your heart. Because nothing in your life is truly finished until the very moment you stop putting forth your best.

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