21 June, 2009


In many ways – and for many reasons – Fatherhood transcends the boundaries of geography, religion, language, culture, economics, ethnicity and politics. Day after day, Fathers from all Walks of Life throughout our global village experience the joys and challenges of positively shaping the minds and souls of their children. Fathers inherently understand that children are more than mere extensions of themselves . . . that children are our future – our bridge to the future.

Children are a man’s heart and soul. A man will walk through fire for his children – if that is what it takes to nurture, love, mentor and protect them. Children are the reason that he rises early in the morning and leaves home to spend eight, ten, or twelve hours each day at a back-breaking, spirit-numbing, and mind-bending job. And at the end of each work day, Children are the reason that a man rushes home. The sight of his children running to greet him when he returns home and the sound of their laughter as they shriek with delight, “Daddy’s Home!” makes a Father immediately forget about the difficult and tiring day he has endured.

Fathers sacrifice their own dreams so that their children – our future -- our bridge to the future – will have the freedom to dream dreams and the tools to transform those dreams into entities that the world will see, feel, hear, and touch. Quietly and unceremoniously – and for many, under the most difficult set of circumstances – Married Fathers, Divorced Fathers, “Stay-At-Home” Fathers, “Long Distance” Fathers, Custodial Fathers, Non-Custodial Fathers and Single Fathers struggle to create and implement plans that will move their families forward. Fatherhood for Divorced Fathers and Non-Custodial Fathers has been and continues to be an extremely challenging and painful journey. Many Divorced Fathers and NonCustodial Fathers only have an opportunity to nurture and mentor their children – our future – our bridge to the future – two weekends out of every month.

Fathers worry about the world that their children – our future – our bridge to the future – will inherit when they reach adulthood. Fathers wonder if they are being good parents. They wonder if they are spending adequate time with their children – our future – our bridge to the future. Their children’s education, health, and physical safety are of primary concern. Fathers wonder if their children will remember the valuable life lessons that they imparted to them when it is their turn to make their way in the world.

Each day in their usual unassuming manner, Fathers provide their children – our future – our bridge to the future – with very valuable life lessons. Life lessons about honor – that one’s word should be one’s bond. If you are going to do something, then you must do what you say you are going to do and then do it – no excuses . . . no complaints. Just get it done! Fathers offer life lessons about sacrifice. Many Fathers, after completing a grueling day at work, return home and play an active role not only in the positive emotional, intellectual and psychological development of their own children, but also mentor other children and serve as coaches of neighborhood baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and hockey teams.

Fathers help the young males in our society successfully navigate the journey from childhood to manhood. It takes a Man – a Father – to each a boy how to be a man. Fathers provide our sons with the positive affirmation that they desperately seek and need. Fathers prepare our sons for their future roles as husbands, fathers, and productive members of our global village once they reach maturity. A young man’s relationship with his father determines, to a large degree, the career he will choose, who he will marry, and how he will raise his own children.

Fathers shape our daughters’ perception of men. Fathers provide our daughters with the positive affirmation of their self-worth which they desperately seek and need. A young woman’s relationship with her father also determines, to a large degree, the career she will choose, who she will marry, and how she will raise her own children.

Fathers are important. Our children need you. Our communities need you. And our world needs you.

To The Fathers Of The World: Thank you for nurturing, mentoring, loving, and protecting our children – our future – our bridge to the future!

Happy Father’s Day!


Stuff could always be worse said...

I could not agree more with how important Fathers are, in all aspects of life. Appreciate you bringing this to light.

Carol said...

Wow, you surely said it with grace and love. I am always amazed at the father figure. They are strong and hard working and loving, they are often understated. Love to follow your writing.


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