30 June, 2009


From time to time, many of us, even in our glorious hour, have the tendency to look outside of ourselves for some form of validation. And in doing so, we will never be able to see the inherent potential that lies within us that is continuously shouting out to be awakened. So when we solely depend on others rather than ourselves to do for us, when we are physically and emotionally capable of doing for ourselves, we then lose the tenacity that’s required in order for us to succeed. What is actually needed is for us to challenge ourselves and bring out the best that is in us to the surface and then we must be able to apply that which we already know and/or have.

When the term “thinking outside the box” is spoken of or written about, what it entails for each and everyone of us is the ability to transcend beyond the confines and definitions that have been set by others and discover who we truly are. Knowing what our greatest potential is. What truly makes us happy. And being willing to integrate change into our present lifestyle.

When we continue to live and think within “the box” we therefore and ultimately restrict ourselves from reaching our fullest potential. But some will never be able to reach or recognize their full potential due to the fact that they continue to live in a comfort zone – “the box” or simply because they do not want to travel or explore other areas of their lives – or maybe because they are afraid to come out of their comfort zone.

But in order to come out of our comfort zone, we have to first take piecemeal steps. These piecemeal steps are very important steps. For if we were to rush, we may not be prepared to handle what awaits us. And hence, we may react hastily. But one of the most important things that we should do in this process is learn how to listen to ourselves. Listening to ourselves requires deep self-introspection. When we can remove all of the outside elements that can distract us and focus on ourselves, then we will be able to see our objective more clearly.

But we will have to then look at the things that may be keeping us spiritually unhealthy. And once we’re able to find what is keeping us spiritually unhealthy, then we can begin the process of purging. Whether it is something negative that we’re harboring or someone who may have a negative disposition. Or residing in an environment that may be keeping us stagnant. We will have have to make the decision to divorce ourselves from such people or things.

When we refuse to or purposefully overlook the things that are bothering us then our emotional and spiritual conditions will constantly be in a state of agitation and/or restlessness. There has to be space in which we can think and function correctly. In a fast moving society, everyone needs the space and time to be with themselves in order to evaluate, re-evaluate, and focus on our personal endeavors and future. Author Robert Banks in his book, The Tyranny Of Time: When 24 Hours Is Not Enough, stated:

“Since the opportunity for inward attention hardly ever comes, many people have not heard from themselves for a long, long time. Those who are always ‘on the run’ never meet anyone any more not even themselves.”

When we move further away from ourselves, we may find it more difficult to truly understand the dynamics of what needs to be worked on within ourselves. The energy and time that needs to be invested in enriching our lives takes time to develop. But in order for us to see the results we will have to incorporate discipline, sacrifice, patience, and consistency. The breaking away of our old habits that has a stronghold on our development needs to be arrested and a new approach that enhances one’s growth should be embodied and inclusive in such process. So when we are able to take the necessary steps that can lead to enriching our lives by eliminating the things that are useless towards reaching our objectives – then we are on the right path.

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