11 April, 2007


[Published With Author’s Permission]

I go through life, wondering what's my use
what I was put here for,
I get depressed, why the stress?
I am healthy, and strong.
But I am still feeling down
I look at my son,
His smiles when he sees Daddy
I say
Thank you Lord.
Thank you Lord,
for taking me through this journey
thank you for your grace, love and care.
Throughout my life, I have doubted your love.
Didn't give you what you deserve.
You continue to bless me, everyday that I rise.
My son showed me that you will never leave me
you continue to protect me, family, friends and my loved ones.
Throughout life we have our cross to carry.
I will continue to carry mine
I am inspired
My son is always happy to see daddy
His love is pure, he knows I love him
I feel him staring at me when I am not looking
He doesn't stop staring at me until we make eye contact
then he bursts into laughter.
These are the days to treasure.
I have seen and heard of children being abandoned, wounded and killed
by their parents.
These children are babies -- they don't know how to help themselves.
Yet we hurt them.
They didn't ask to be here,
some are planned, most are not.
what if our parents gave up on us?
We wouldn't exist to share love and life.
A lot of us are so caught up in material things
we fail to see the simple things in life.
Throughout life I have seen where the people with the most,
those with all the riches, go through hell
sickness, despair, drugs, everything that's not healthy.
Their wealth couldn't and cannot help.
So love each other, your kids, family and friends each day.
Don't wait, live through a baby's eyes and heart.
Mr. Mark Pratt is a “First-Time” Dad; the Publisher and Managing Editor of NEW GENERATION DAD ( , a magazine which speaks to the interests and needs of all Dads; and a Contributing Editor to IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD®, a quarterly international male parenting journal exclusively published by BSI International, Inc. and distributed in the United States and The Netherlands. Mr. Pratt can be reached via e-mail at

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