03 September, 2019


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It is a sorry society that we live in today, especially for those who have been in one abusive relationship or the other before.  We know how powerless you must have felt in that relationship, and your getting out means a lot to us too.  Now that you are on the outside, it is time to start planning your recovery and better easing into the society. Fortunately, technology is contributing to the fight against domestic violence with a handful of apps out there today.

We have carefully checked out these apps and picked the best of the bunch for you. How about we have another look?

One Love

The One Love app is the brainchild of researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing, so you can be rest assured that it is no fluke created by some developer just looking to gain a name for themselves or make a quick buck. The usefulness of the app is further underlined in the fact that it was developed in collaboration with One Love Foundation.

While you are on the outside, you might not need one of the salient features of this app which helps you determine if you are in a toxic relationship in the first place. However, this feature will help save you from finding yourself in the same position ever again.

Designed in form of a quiz which grades the status and health of a relationship to know if it is currently toxic or has the tendency to become one, many women and men can be saved the hassles of dealing with the emotional trauma and fallout that happens later.

On the other hand, you will also love the extensive resources shipping with the 

For one, a safety plan feature allows you create and map out your lines of action after exiting. That way, you don’t get overwhelmed in the aftermath of the escape but still have everything under control.

Speaking of control, the app also comes with a live chat feature which connects you with a member of the LoveIsRespect foundation, should you need additional help and assistance.

Sojourner Peace

Yet another app worth its salt is Sojourner Peace. Just like One Love above, this app was also developed by a reputable institution (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee), and they had help from the Sojourner Peace center.

This means they got to include not just what they felt would be great for domestic abuse survivors, but what these survivors really needs for a proper life outside of their former situation.

The best part of using the app, for us, is the collection of contact details to different law enforcement offices and services that it entails. From within the app, survivors have more than enough contact information to reach charities, emergency services, law services, financial offices, custodial cases institutions and much more. Basically, all the help that a survivor could need has been provided in the form of contact details here – and all they have to do is reach out to get the extensive support service waiting for them on the outside.

Aspire News

The name of this app makes it sound like any other news feed app out there – but that is the brilliance of it. While the other apps on this list are heal recommended for when the victim gets out of their abusive relationship, this is one app that makes things easier when they are still in the relationship and planning an escape.

Aspire News is a must have for any abuse victim who is scared their partner might have a look at their phone anytime – or that their escape plan could be found out.

Opening the app gets you face to face with a barrage of news content aggregated from different websites from all over the web. Scrolling through the app will not show anything out of the ordinary either. However, the ’Help’ section contains all you need.

From a list of resources that will aid you in an escape to those you can contact in the case of any problem, the Aspire News app has it all. We also love how they have made contacting the resources as easy as making a single click.

That said, it is advised that 911 (or any other designated local emergency service, depending on your region) be called in the extreme situations for a faster guarantee of response.

Wrap Up

While you can use the apps above to plan an escape when you are still in the abusive relationship, you should know that they are not a cure for the abuse. Never rely on them to ‘manage’ the situation when you should really be looking for ways to totally get out.

Contrary to anything you might be thinking, you shouldn’t wait for anything before you escape that abusive relationship. You owe it to yourself to get out – and fast.


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