19 May, 2018



           On Wednesday, 16 May 2018, the Nation of Nigeria under the leadership of its International Men’s Day Coordinator and the Co-Coordinator of the Africa International Men’s Day Working Group Mr. Matthew Gansallo joined  nations around the world including India, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom, the United States, and  Australia in the inaugural observance of World Day Of The Boy Child.

         When reached for comment, Mr. Gansallo made the following observation:

            “As part of the inaugural World Day Of The Boy Child,. I organised an interactive seminar and workshop with boys aged between 11 -17 at the A2MC College in  Lagos, Nigeria. We spoke to the boys about personalities, violence, aggression, calmness, the concept of love, values, education, sports, music, and all that they are interested in. Then we spoke to them about their gender and how they feel about being boys in their society, what is expected of them, and what sort of men they aspire to become. The seminar was scheduled for one hour, it lasted four and one-half hours. They had so much to say and it proved our suspicion all along that no one has actually really spoken to most of them about them in that manner before. Many of them are filled with fear and anxiety about themselves and their relation to the opposite sex. They had so much so say after we succeed in breaking the ice and making them comfortable. It was a real learning curve for me and all the men involved. We are now thinking of starting a 'Mentor a Boy' Initiative across the entire city and Identifying real hardworking honest ordinary male models."  

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