27 May, 2018


This International Day of Prayer for Men and Boys is for those persons who are deep, intense and mediocre believers in the power of prayer. It is for those who underestimate prayer producing results. It is a day that seeks to use prayer as a medium to modify and improve lives, personalities and opinions of the world’s men and boys.

Almost two decades ago, a childhood friend asked about the requests I made while praying. At that time, I prayed for the success in exams and a good career. Today, those prayers have been modified. I pray for wisdom and friends who would help and guide me on life’s journey. I also use prayer as a platform to direct my life so I can help as much of humanity as possible. Our prayers change and vary according to such factors as age, health conditions, state of mind, view of the world, education, material success, philosophy of life and personal goals. Let us reflect on this day on the manner in which our prayers can be used to uplift ourselves and enhance the lives of the world’s boys and men.  

Prayer is the universal language of human communication. Both private and public prayers have been a feature of humanity. Prayer is a global form of communicating with others and acknowledging the existence of someone of something that is greater or advanced than us. Undoubtedly prayer is the connectivity that has linked the past, present and future. Despite different forms of prayers and methods of praying, these are actions that move us to another level of thinking and believing.

The power of prayer is such that status, wealth, popularity and fame do not determine one’s ability to pray.  There are no criteria to satisfy for someone who wants to pray. Likewise, the effectiveness of prayer is not based on the method of praying but the genuineness of the praying persons. Women, men, children have the freedom to pray.  

Powerful prayers usually emanate when the body, mind and soul is at rest. But solitude is not necessary for powerful and effective prayers. Prayers during times of crisis, personal turmoil and disaster are also needed. And, obviously some will appear unanswered but if these are beneficial, these prayers will eventually be realized in the long-term or in a different manner. Prayer gives us more certainty in an uncertain world. Those who pray would rely less on words such as- luck, chance and possibility. Yes, prayer provides a clearer vision and confidence. It is a spiritual tonic that allows us to experience a more enriching and fulfilling life.

          We occasionally need to move away or temporarily shut out the distractions and focus for a few moments on praying. Below is a brief prayer that focuses on the need to prayer for others.

*          *          *

                                                Praying For The Rest Of Us

Let us pray for others who are not aware of the importance of prayer.
Pray for those persons who need to pray but are unaware of the power of prayer.
Pray for those boys and men who have never prayed and want to pray.
We pray for the many persons who are uncertain how to pray.
Pray for those who use prayer only in times of crisis.
Let us pray for those men and boys who want to change their lives but are unable to do so.
 Pray for the young who are sick and dying,
whose short lives mean they will never be able to pray.
Pray for the elderly persons who will soon depart this life.

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