16 May, 2018


World Day of the Boy Child is the 16th of May 2018, the first observance of this day. How many of us will take the time to reflect about the boys in our lives or the boys we once knew who are now men? Would we have done anything differently?

In my upbringing, my experiences with interacting with boys was different from the average female. I saw boys as important as girls even though the emphasis was placed on girls and women. For too long, young boys have been neglected with sayings and positions like “He’s a boy, he’ll tough it out” and “Boys don’t cry.” I have witnessed this destroying young boys in that they are unable to cope and as adults, they are broken and dysfunctional.

There is a greater need for support for our boys and involvement from their families and should not be left to grow up on their own as we are seeing increasing scenarios of underachievement, mental problems, behavioral problems and deviance.

Daily it is lamented in the media of how many women are dying but annually the statistics are more men and boys. Will we continue to downplay boys’ and men’s issues and at what cost to them and our society? World Day of the Boy Child is a great initiative to bring focus to boys again.

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