09 June, 2016


Men’s Issues Thought Leader, Publisher of a widely read and highly acclaimed men’s journal – – and the New York (USA) Regional Coordinator for International Men’s Day SCOTT LUXOR will serve as moderator of a national teleconference on Sunday, 12 June 2016 commencing at 4:00 P.M. (E.D.T. – New York Time) and concluding at 5:00 P.M. (E.D.T.). The national teleconference which is the brainchild of the USA International Men’s Day Team will launch the United States’ observance of 2016 International Men’s Health Week.

To participate in the national teleconference call, dial 712-775-7031 and use the following access code: 803 828. The national teleconference call will engage key stakeholders in a solutions-based dialogue on Men’s Health which will include STEPHEN M. DOWNS, M.D., M.S., Jean and Jerry Bepko Professor of Pediatrics, Director of Children’s Health Services Research, and Vice Chair for General Pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, Indiana and RANDY HUTCHINS, Ph.D., P.A., one of the co-architects of the Male Care Services Program at the Spectrum Community Health Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Members of the United States International Men’s Day Team -- GREGORY JOHNSON, Ohio (USA) Regional Coordinator – International Men’s Day, DARLENE MONSOUR, Texas (USA) Regional Coordinator – International Men’s Day and DIANE A. SEARS, USA Coordinator – International Men’s Day ( Fatherhood and Men’s Issues Advocates, military veterans, educators , school administrators, legislators, legal professionals, social services professionals and providers, and the general public are encouraged to participate in the national teleconference.

In 2016, the focus for International Men’s Health Week is on mental health issues for Men and Boys. The link between physical issues and mental health issues, the alarmingly rising rates of suicide among Men and Boys, holistic therapies to resolve mental health issues in addition to traditional psychiatry, and the need to provide “safe spaces” or “safe havens” for Men and Boys which they can utilize to discuss their feelings ---particularly depression, loneliness, and alienation – without having their masculinity called into question are a sample of the issues which will be explored during the national teleconference scheduled for Sunday, 12 June 2016 beginning at 4:00 P.M. (E.D.T. – New York Time).

“Relationships Education should be a Number One priority for young men as well as adult men. The lack of relationship understanding is a key reason that mental health issues develop later on with men. We need to look at holistic therapies as a means of resolving mental health issues for Men and Boys – therapies that address nutrition and include meditation, group dialogue and hypnosis. There is a lack of support among Men, and society as a whole, in engaging guys in dialogues about isolation. We need to make it ‘cool’ for Men to share feelings as well as hopes and dreams. And this dialogue must be one of inclusiveness . . . diversity. We need to address issues that include racism, poverty, and unequal educational resources for urban Men and Boys,” remarked Scott Luxor when reached for comment about the national teleconference which will launch the USA’s observance of International Men’s Health Week.

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