10 October, 2014



Ms. Aleasa M. Word
Georgia (USA) Regional Coordinator – 2014 International Men’s Day

Mrs. Marie Roker-Jones
New York (USA) Regional Coordinator – 2014 International Men’s Day


           ATLANTA, GA (USA)10 October 2014 – When a Mother peers into the eyes of her newborn son as she holds him for the very first time, what does she feel?  Is her heart overtaken with joy?  What are her dreams for her son?  Does she find the responsibility of nurturing, protecting, guiding, and loving him as he makes his journey from childhood to manhood overwhelming?   And does she wonder how she will help her son mature into a purpose-driven and spiritually grounded Man?    Helping to raise a manchild in the Millennium is a daunting task.  While we know the important role that Fathers play in the lives of Our Sons, Mothers, too, play an important role.  Mothers are Our Sons first female role models.  Their interactions and relationships with their Mothers – be they positive or negative – will be a subliminally overriding factor in their decision making when it comes to choosing a wife, the manner in which they parent their children, and the career path they will embark upon. 

           And that is why Ms. Aleasa M. Word, Georgia (USA) Regional Coordinator – 2014 International Men’s Day and Mrs. Marie Roker-Jones, New York (USA) Regional Coordinator – 2014 International Men’s Day – both of whom are Mothers of Sons – have launched a “Call To The Mothers Of Our Sons” Initiative as a component of 2014 International Men’s Day which will be observed in 80 nations on Wednesday, 19 November 2014 under the theme,
Working Together For Men and Boys.  The Initiative will take the form of an Interactive Forum for Mothers of Sons throughout our global village to share their dreams and fears for their sons and to work collectively to effectively address some of the key challenges that their sons face.
               “Mothers in the United States, Canada, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Australia, and Asia all dream the same dreams for their sons.  They want their sons to be healthy, happy, and successful.  They their sons to have a better life and live in a world that is emotionally and spiritually vibrant and safe.    Mothers throughout our global village all have the same questions.  ‘How do we protect our sons?  How do we keep them safe?  What kind of Man will my son be?’  The ‘Mothers Of Our Sons’ Initiative is about helping Mothers of Our Sons – throughout our global village – find answers to these questions.  Mrs. Roker-Jones and I are mothers of sons.   Not a day goes by when we are not asking ourselves these same questions,” remarked Ms. Word.

             Founded in 1999 by Jerome Teelucksingh, Ph.D., a faculty member in the History Department in the University of West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago, Thought Leader on Gender Issues, and author, International Men’s Day celebrates the contributions and selfless sacrifices that Men make to our families, our communities, and our world.  International Men’s Day shares a 48-hour partnership with Universal Children’s Day which is observed worldwide on 20th November of each year.  For information about International Men’s Day, visit its official website at

              For further information about the “Mothers Of Our Sons” Initiative, contact Ms. Aleasa M. Word at: or Mrs. Marie Roker-Jones at:

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