19 March, 2012


Queen Mother Falaka Fattah
House Of Umoja, Inc.
Telephone: (215) 473-5893

PHILADELPHIA, PA (USA)19 March 2012 -- On Sunday, 22 April 2012, the House of Umoja, Inc.’s ( facilitation of an Earth Day 2012 Celebration in conjunction with its multi-tiered Think Green Peace 2012 Initiative will be marked with the issuance of a “Call To Prayer” to Philadelphia’s Interfaith Community. Churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples throughout the City of Philadelphia are being asked to offer prayers for peace and healing. Under the leadership of Queen Mother Falaka Fattah, the House of Umoja, Inc.‘s Earth Day Celebration which occurs on 22 April 2012 will become the vehicle for bringing together stakeholders, all of whom have key “pieces of the puzzle” to bringing hope, beauty, healing, and peace to our streets, neighborhoods, and to our City.

“Religious institutions are stakeholders that have a key ‘piece of the puzzle’ to bringing hope, peace, and healing to our streets, neighborhoods, and our City. The House of Umoja, Inc. is issuing of a ‘Call To Prayer’ to Philadelphia’s interfaith community. We are asking every church, synagogue, mosque, and temple throughout the City of Philadelphia to lead their congregations in offering prayers for peace and healing for our children, our neighborhoods, and our City on Sunday, 22 April 2012 which is also Earth Day. Prayer is powerful . . . it feeds the spirit and nurtures the soul. The Earth Day Celebration is not just about creating an environmentally-friendly environment. It’s also about understanding and getting in touch with the mind-body-spirit connection,” explained Queen Mother Falaka Fattah, the Founder of the House of Umoja, Inc.

Since the launch in July 2008 of its multi-tiered Think Green Peace Campaign, the House of Umoja, Inc. has transformed vacant lots that were filled with debris into Peace Gardens that yield fragrant and colorful flowers and a broad variety of delicious vegetables. The Peace Gardens are also a place where members of the community can purge themselves of their issues and anger by writing about their issues or anger on a piece of paper and burying the paper in a hole in the ground located at the edge of the Peace Gardens. The House of Umoja, Inc. is an internationally acclaimed organization which has, since its founding in 1968, provided interventions in negative and violent behavior and positively shaped the minds and souls of over 3,000 urban adolescent males between the ages of 15 through 18.

For further information about the House of Umoja, Inc.’s Earth Day Celebration 2012 and its Think Green Peace Initiative 2012, visit its website at or contact Queen Mother Falaka Fattah at (215) 473-5893 or send an e-mail to:

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