17 February, 2010


PHILADELPHIA, PA (USA) – 17 FEBRUARY 2010 – The Directory of Presidential Who’s Who among Business and Professional Achievers recognizes individuals who have reached a level of recognizable success in their respective field. This year the directory will be registered in the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. Among those being listed is Queen Mother Falaka Fattah, President and Founder of the House of UMOJA. The House of UMOJA was created by Queen Mother Falaka Fattah as a publishing house in September 1968 and later developed by her and her husband, David Fattah into a youth serving agency in June 1969.

Queen Mother Falaka Fattah was a member of the Executive Committee of Greater Philadelphia Partnership, Women and Mayors Drug and Alcohol Commission, National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise, and a Task Leader for the School District of Philadelphia.

The internationally acclaimed organization’s successful track record of transforming and working with youths has moved universities and institutions that include, but are not limited to, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Prevention and the Center for Disease Control, to seek the expertise of Queen Mother Falaka Fattah and her husband Mr. David Fattah in the areas of gang reduction, youth programming, and community organizing. Former United States Presidents Jimmy Carter and the late Ronald Reagan have recognized the House Of Umoja, Inc. for its pioneering work which has been documented in published articles such as A Summons To Life, by Robert Woodson of the American Enterprise Institute in 1981 and The Violent Juvenile Offender by Paul DeMuro and Richard Allison of the National Council On Crime And Delinquency in 1984.

On January 1, 1974 Queen Mother Falaka Fattah coordinated a conference which was attended by over 400 gang members. David Fattah was the Chief negotiator with the attendees who signed an agreement he authored called the IMANI Pact. Through its Faith Of Our Fathers Peace Campaign and the Imani Pledge™ launched in 2006, the House Of Umoja, Inc. is moving a new generation of children in the City of Philadelphia to commit to nonviolence.

Tapped in the Summer of 2007 to lead and organize the National Million Father March in the City of Philadelphia by Chicago, Illinois’ Phillip Jackson, the Founder and Executive Director of the Black Star Project ( and the creator of the annual event, The House Of Umoja, Inc. continues to be a powerful voice in the Global Dialogue on Fatherhood and a fixture in the International Fatherhood Community. For the third consecutive year, on 8 September 2009, the first day of the 2009-2010 academic year, the House Of Umoja, Inc. moved Fathers in the City of Philadelphia to redefine their parental roles and responsibilities by “stepping up and out” and escorting their children to school. The City of Philadelphia was one of 550 cities throughout the United States participating in the National 2009 Million Father March which, on 25 August 2009, received an endorsement from The Honorable Arne Duncan, United States Secretary of Education.

Through its “Think Green Peace Campaign”, a multi-tiered initiative launched in July 2008, the House Of Umoja, Inc. is transforming vacant lots into gardens that yield 30 varieties of produce, engaging Philadelphia’s children in learning about the environment, how food is produced, and how they become self-sufficient and beautify their environment. The “Think Green Peace” Campaign has spawned collaboration between senior members and the children and youth in our communities. Senior members in Philadelphia’s communities are showing our children and youth how to get the land ready for planting, how to plant seeds, and how to produce food. It has also spawned a coalition consisting of our youth, business community, social entrepreneurs, religious institutions, legislators, and grassroots community organizations that is working to beautify the communities they live and work, to save the environment, and to create options for self-sufficiency.

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