14 January, 2010


PHOENIX, AZ (USA) -- 13 JANUARY 2010 -- UPI Education’s Founder and President, Mr. Frank Crump has announced the addition of Dr. Belinda Carberry for the position of Senior Vice President, Academic Assessment, UPI Education.

“Dr. Carberry has been a staunch supporter of UPI Education‟s Life Skills Solutions™ Training Curriculum from the beginning. She personally observed the great results of the UPI curriculum, when taught as an accredited course to 9th grade students at Hillhouse High school in New Haven, Connecticut. I am extremely excited and pleased that Dr. Carberry has agreed to join our senior management staff. She and her team of experts will insure that the UPI curriculum uses yhe 'best teaching strategies' and exceeds industry standards; while acting as an industry pacesetter” said Mr. Crump.

Dr. Carberry began her 36 year journey in education in 1974. Upon earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Morgan State College, Dr. Carberry began teaching Language Arts within the Baltimore City Public School System. Teaching at Greenspring Junior High School afforded Dr. Carberry an opportunity to share her love of Journalism, reading, writing, and literature with 7th and 8th graders. She began and completed her Master’s of Science Degree at Johns Hopkins University then moved to Connecticut with her husband and 18 month old son. For the next thirty years, Dr. Carberry taught English, Drama and Journalism to students, grades 9 thru 12. She researched and studied literature at Yale New Haven Teachers Institute, completed a Sixth Year degree at Southern Connecticut State University, birthed her second child, and served as a principal of a high school, middle school and elementary school. Dr. Carberry served as an adjunct professor in the Southern Connecticut State University Education Department and completed her doctorate of education degree at Columbia University, Teachers College. Her dissertation focused on school reform.

Dr. Carberry is the Second Vice President of the New Haven Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. She is involved in two feasibility studies to start charter schools in two states and recently she has become a board member of an initiative aimed at launching a mentoring program for girls, ages 10 through 17 years of age.

Dr. Carberry stated, “Life Skills training is a critical need in the growth and development of urban students and students at risk. I am honored to be recruited by UPI to research and develop curriculum that will have a positive impact on students’ ability to become successful contributors to their families, community, nation, and world. Those institutions and organizations that are the caretakers of children must seriously comprehend what students need to know that may not be taught in their traditional educational setting. True success for urban students may be in the balance between traditional education and a comprehensive life skills curriculum, a service UPI can deliver and one that is not offered in many schools. UPI is on the move! I am with UPI!”

UPI Education is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization consisting of a strong group of professionals dedicated to providing UPI Education’s global educational Life Skills Training Solutions CurriculumTM to schools and communities around the world. UPI Education works with school systems, state juvenile agencies/services and youth organizations who, are committed to improving academic and personal excellence in the lives of students/youths ages 9-22.

UPI Education is an acknowledged provider of a uniquely sophisticated Life Skills Training Solutions CurriculumTM– a curriculum and training method that has helped students to measurably perform better academically, socially, and emotionally. Students who have completed the UPI Education curriculum have on average shown a highly developed understanding of self, authority, goal setting and on average:

• 16.4% increase in school Grade Point Average (GPA)
• 23.6% reduction in school absences
• 0% (zero), school disciplinary actions

For further information about UPI Education and its Life Skills Training Solutions CurriculumTM, visit or call 310-597-8727.

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