20 October, 2009


As the sun sets in Owasso,
the geese fly overhead,
quacking for our arrival.
Grandpa G is lying back
in his easy chair.
Grandma is getting ready
for the ten o'clock news.
The nurses are coming
down the hall.
They are coming in, saying,
"How are you doing, G?"
And they say,
"Do you want orange juice or water?"
He says, "Orange juice."
We are talking to Grandma.
She is talking on the phone
to one of my dad's brothers.
The ten o'clock news comes on.
My dad is making the bed.
Grandpa G is talking about the news.
We give them kisses and hugs
and tell them, "Good Night!"
We close our eyes and dream
of the very next day.

1 comment:

Don, the 14%er said...

This is Charlie's finest poem. Congratulations!


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