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Close your eyes.Imagine that you are a French national and Founder and CEO of a software corporation headquartered in Saint-Herblain, France which provides products and services to medical professionals and biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies in three continents. Your company generates at least $100,000,000,000 annually in revenues.You are contemplating establishing a physical presence in the American marketplace by purchasing office space in the downtown business district of a northeastern city in the United States.Three large world-class academic institutions reside in this northeastern city and are located just a “stone’s throw” away from the downtown business district which is where your company’s office will be located.Townhouses and high-rise apartment buildings share the downtown landscape with multi-storied concrete and glass office towers which will make the commute to work easy for your employees.If they choose to, they can walk to work!
Now, your foray into the Americ…


Love is powerful! Love is secure within itself. Love never abandons. Love is the truth. Love is inextinguishable. Out of love comes peace and a life worth living. But love never dies. So the probability for love to grow increases exponentially when you love yourself more each day.

Love is to act and not to love is to surrender one’s life. There is no sedative for love but to continue to love from the heart. Again, love is powerful. Love is secure. So when you are loved, you become nourished. And when you love, you become the nourisher. You love, therefore, you live. And with love comes healing.

Love is the gateway to all possibilities. Love is freedom. But if you don’t know the value of love, you will wind up losing it. Love is the journey, not the end result. Love is the rhythm of the present. So sing your song. Dance your dance. To love, offsets the hate that surrounds you and allows you to see things for the way they are and not what they appear to b…


I am neither a theologian nor a philosopher but often wonder: What constitutes good and evil, positive or negative? What manner of persons would belong in these categories of moral and immoral? There is an obvious dichotomy and we live in a seemingly binary world but many do not acknowledge or are oblivious to the acceptance of the many shades of evil and goodness.

Should the State (government) decide what is right and wrong or should each citizen make that decision? Likewise, would a secular government possess the authority to eradicate or change religious practices or customs?

If the moral choice of an individual conflicts with that of the government, what should be the option or penalty? The individual’s freedom is important in a democracy and a democratically elected government also has a vital role.

In 2016, there were 462 murders in Trinidad and Tobago. This is a relatively high number in a small population of approximately 1.4 million persons. It is eas…