03 April, 2017


Love is powerful! Love is secure within itself. Love never abandons. Love is the truth. Love is inextinguishable. Out of love comes peace and a life worth living. But love never dies. So the probability for love to grow increases exponentially when you love yourself more each day.

Love is to act and not to love is to surrender one’s life. There is no sedative for love but to continue to love from the heart. Again, love is powerful. Love is secure. So when you are loved, you become nourished. And when you love, you become the nourisher. You love, therefore, you live. And with love comes healing.

Love is the gateway to all possibilities. Love is freedom. But if you don’t know the value of love, you will wind up losing it. Love is the journey, not the end result. Love is the rhythm of the present. So sing your song. Dance your dance. To love, offsets the hate that surrounds you and allows you to see things for the way they are and not what they appear to be.

Love is creative. But without love, there is nothing. And the lack of love is darker than the deepest part of the ocean. Love lies in deeds. So be a woman and a man of action. Love never divides and conquers. Love unites. The heartbeat of love never stops beating or breathing. Love is the oxygen of the soul.

Love is the connection of hearts. Love makes you smile and happy. It makes you jump for joy. Jubilee! Love is Queen. Love is King. Love is supreme. But love and disrespect can never be friends. Mistreatment, pain, and violence nullify love.

Love is participation. Love is not a spectator. Love is the path. Love is the way. And yesterday came and went, and tomorrow hasn’t come yet. But Love is, was, and always will be. Love is supportive. Love is instrumental in bringing about the change that we desire and surely need. Love is gentle. So celebrate love. Get to know love. Open your heart to love. Give love. And don’t be afraid to love, because at the end of the day, love is the key.

Love is the very breath of life. Love gives comfort. Love can heal a broken heart – a broken spirit. Discover love and feel its power. Love will never misguide you. Love is like the Sphinx against the desert wind. But what can one do to attain love? Love thyself. One may teach you about the science of life, but no one can teach you about love. Love arises from within. Nurture it with gentleness. Water it with consistency and Love will flourish.

Love! Try it for once instead of wasting time and energy on hating. Feel the difference. See the difference. Become the person that someone wants to love. Give love, even if it’s not reciprocated. Grow into love. Grow with love. And you will say to yourself: “I never knew love like this before.”
MR. CARRY GREAVES is the Empowerment Coordinator for International Men's Day, Chair - International Men's Day "Healing And Repatriation" Initiative, a Relationship and Self-Empowerment Guru, published free-lance journalist, poet, and Senior Contributing Editor to IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R).

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