05 January, 2017


           For novice creative talents, moving their project – be it a song, an album, or a CD -- from the “concept” phase to the “productive” phase is a cost prohibitive endeavor.   If a major record label is involved, moving a creative project – a song  -- to radio stations for the purpose of having it promoted can cost as much as US$474,350.00.  All creative talents worry about controlling the integrity of their work product and how it is promoted.   They wonder if their product – the demonstration tape or the master of the CD – which they spent days, weeks, and sometimes months creating, will be unrecognizably altered by the record label to make it more palatable to a wider spectrum of prospective consumers and more conducive to creating a lucrative bottom line.

          Songwriter, independent musician and music producer, entrepreneur, and Philadelphia native Mr. James Kennedy clearly understands the machinations involved in moving creative projects from the “concept” phase to the “product” phase and the toll it can take on one’s budget.   A prolific lyricist, Kennedy, in the late 1990s began producing his songs and the songs of other artists, creating masters of those songs, and independently marketing them.   Kennedy soon discovered that this was a tedious and cost prohibitive task.  To control the integrity of his creative product and in an effort to bring down costs, Kennedy handled the tasks of marketing, distribution, and generating copies of masters and CDs himself.   But he could not be everywhere at once.   His ability to reach a wider audience was limited.   Out of necessity, Kennedy created a “High Tech ‘A’ Game” --- an APP -- not only for himself but for all creative talents who need help moving their creative project from the “concept” stage to the “product” and “distribution” stages.   Refereezer ( is the APP – the “High Tech ‘A’ Game” that Kennedy developed to help creative talents not only move their music to the marketplace but to also control the integrity of their product.

            Currently, Refereezer is being utilized by a number of creative artists and the Great Commission Community Outreach Ministries, Inc.   Businesses, academic institutions, health care professionals and providers, educators, clergy, and legal professionals  are a sample of the entities and individuals who can reach a wider audience utilizing Refereezer.  The APP levels the playing field for start-up, small, and medium-sized businesses by providing them with instantaneous access to their client base, while exponentially enhancing their ability to deliver high quality products and services on an expedited basis at a competitive price. 

            “Among other things, Refereezer is a self-selling music APP with self re-mastering presets for up and coming artists. Created one year ago, Refereezer serves as an online marketplace which allows them to display their creative projects  which, in turn, become readily available to an expansive audience that these artists would not otherwise be able to reach.  The scope of Refereezer goes beyond the creative community.  As an example, it can help businesses increase their market share and provide cost effective services to its clients,” Kennedy explained.


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