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What do I say to someone whose heart has been literally ripped out of the cavity of her chest? What can I say to ease the deep pain of a shattered heart -- a pain that reverberates through your soul -- a pain that greets you every morning when you wake up? The deep hurt that was inflicted upon you was unintentional. There are two people in pain. You and your Father. 
Every daughter wants and needs to hear their Father whisper, "I love you!" -- three words that affirm her. . . three words that tell her she matters. Had you heard those words from him during your journey from childhood to womanhood, it would have made a positive impact upon your life. Every Father wants to be in his daughter's life. The decisions and mistakes that your Father made robbed him of the chance to love and care for you. He is wrestling with the decisions and mistakes he made as a young man. He is wrestling with the fact that he was not there to hear you talk about your first day at sc…