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I met a young man this morning. He is someone's son and a member of the Next Generation of Husbands, Fathers, and Leaders. Although he is someone's son -- he is really OUR son -- OUR future -- OUR bridge to the future. So, how did I meet this young man and what is this story all about? It was a chance meeting. Had I left home earlier and caught an earlier bus, our paths would not have crossed. We disembarked from the bus at the same stop. .I got up from my seat and as I exited the bus, I heard footsteps behind me. So, I casually looked to the side so I could see who was walking behind me. It was a young man, about 5' 7", wearing a hoodie with a backpack strapped to his back. There is a charter school about one block away. So, he was on his way to school. For some reason, we both found ourselves waiting at the corner for the red light to change to green. There we were standing side by side. I turned to the young man and said, "Have a good day at sch…