13 April, 2011


Every year, TIME magazine chooses an individual or group who has shaped and influenced our world. The selected person (s) would grace the front covers of the magazine and be dubbed ‘Person of the Year.’ Organizations would often honour their hardworking and reliable employees at the end of a year.

Undoubtedly, the IMD coordinators and supporters deserve the honour and recognition of not only ‘Persons of the Year’ but ‘Persons of the Day’ and ‘Persons of the Week’. Why? This is because they have been keeping International Men’s Day alive every day, every week and every month. They deserve this recognition and I salute everyone involved in this worldwide effort. They have built and carefully maintained a solid human infrastructure which connects individuals from around the world.

IMD is not a magic genie to grant wishes that all problems be solved. Sympathizers and supporters are not seeking fifteen minutes of fame. They are part of IMD because they are aware of the long-term beneficial effects on society. They have helped re-define human relationships. Their loyalty and dedication are the vital engines of this movement. They have talent, experience and expertise which they are willing to share with others.

IMD has been moving at a pace which reflects its synergy. During November 2010 to March 2011, IMD has gained new coordinators in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Arizona and Alabama (in the USA); Angola, Mexico, Botswana, Belgium and Norway. Additionally, the City of Philadelphia (in the USA) has agreed to issue a proclamation recognizing IMD. This extraordinary surge in coordinating activity was due to excellent networking skills.

It is a commendable effort by the willing coordinators and volunteers -- the ‘Persons of the Year’. They are ensuring the continuous growth of this exciting phase of International Men’s Day to create a better today and tomorrow.

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