17 March, 2011


As our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan in the aftermath of a devastating earthquake and Tsunami, we are reminded again about the selfless sacrifices that Men make. During the course of the past week, somewhere between 50 and 180 Men have donned protective gear and respirators and ventured into one of the nuclear power plants that has been severely damaged by the earthquake and the Tsunami. At least 3 powerful explosions have riveted through several of the reactors there. The attempts to bring down the rising temperatures in the reactors by bringing in sea water has not very successful. The 50-180 Men who have volunteered to work in the nuclear power plant to resolve matters there, face sudden death due to the exposure to radiation which is equivalent to the radiation one receives as a result of getting 25,000 x-rays at one given time as they try stop a nuclear meltdown. With very little food to eat, in the darkness that is only illuminated by flashlights, these brave men toil to save the nuclear power plant, their families, their communities, and their country as the World watches with baited breath.

Men continue to be the glue that holds our families, our communities, and our world together.

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