25 November, 2010


It is very easy to condemn and criticize. The most difficult tasks seem to be promoting unity and becoming more understanding. It is very easy to destroy someone’s reputation or gossip but it seems very difficult to praise someone or build a positive movement.

What is your purpose in life? Are you a builder or destroyer? Are you self-centered and interested in promoting yourself or seek to improve the lives of troubled persons and assist the less fortunate?

Persons promoting and spreading International Men’s Day have endured criticisms, insults and weak arguments. Persons, including myself, know about unreturned telephone calls, unanswered emails and faxes. Blank stares, apathy and negative responses are a normal diet for many of us involved in International Men’s Day.

But there is another side of the story. A positive side. The intense daily activity on the internet strongly suggests-- the benefits outweigh the negative responses. There is hope and change occurring in our world. The high numbers of visits to websites dealing with International Men’s Day, indicate a search for solutions to solve problems and the continuous spread of this Day. Since its inception, IMD has blossomed into a movement which promotes goodwill and positively transforms the lives of many persons. Every year I am overjoyed to witness and read testimonies of persons who genuinely believe that the observance of IMD has resulted in greater stability in their lives and guided them from darkness into light.

There is considerable joy to receive a telephone call or email of someone who agreed to assist mobilizing persons in their state, province or country. Such responses as ‘How can I help?’ and ‘Yes, I support International Men’s Day and will encourage others’ are the passports needed to be involved in this worldwide campaign of change. Now is the time to decide on your priorities. Maybe it is time to reshuffle your priorities and this could lead to a better life for you and others. IMD needs you on its team !!!

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