02 September, 2010


We are all searching for answers. The scientist is searching for a cure for a disease and the mathematician is searching for a solution to a problem. A child will spend hours searching for a lost toy or places for the final pieces in a puzzle. We know the frustration of searching and the disappointment of not finding something.

The supporters, coordinators and participants have been trying to offer different perspectives and new ideas for the leader and layperson. The movement has embraced all persons and is not interested in continuing problems and promoting divisions.

International Men’s Day is not a cult and certainly not interested in brainwashing persons. We offer you a different view of life. If you decide not to accept IMD, then we respect and accept your decision. Those who are not supportive of IMD will not be condemned or be deemed narrow-minded, inferior or backward. Any form of condemnation contradicts the core philosophy of IMD.

IMD cannot provide answers as to if there is life after death or the existence of evil. But we can offer suggestions for a brighter tomorrow and guidance for a safer future. We cannot suddenly create global peace, but we are patiently and slowly transforming lives. IMD does not have the power to suddenly make everyone happy but we are improving communication among peoples across the globe. IMD might not be judged a success but we will continue working to reduce barriers and empower persons. IMD cannot make inequalities disappear but we will continue to work with others to reduce sadness and suffering. We too are also searching for answers and solutions- not temporary but permanent ones.

We are all familiar with a snowman and a sandcastle. Both are temporary. The snowman survives only during the winter and the sandcastle disappears after rain or a high tide. These have an important lesson for us. Are we going to create temporary change in our life or someone’s life which is soon reversed? Or are we searching for a solution, an answer or change that is permanent? Are we sandcastles that crumble after the slightest rains or are we snowmen who quickly melt when the sun is hot? IMD is not about sandcastles and snowmen. This is a movement that is being built to withstand the strongest waves, heaviest rainfall and hottest weather!

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