10 September, 2010

International Men’s Day is a global occasion to celebrate the positive contributions and variegated experiences of being male. On this day we highlight those inspirational men and boys who help to forge a better world and who show by example how to live with self-respect and integrity in their relationships with other people and with the world around them. On this day we celebrate men’s and boys' strengths while taking time to acknowledge their vulnerabilities and needs. We aim to transcend negative stereotyping and encourage and embrace greater options and choices for men and indeed for all people.

It is a day for all humanity, providing an opportunity to move beyond a singular consideration of gender to include the vast arena of human experience shared by men, women and children alike; our similarities deserve to be celebrated as vigorously as those things which may differentiate or divide men and women. With this inclusive vision International Men’s Day seeks to bring a new and healing spirit to the world.

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