13 August, 2010



This missive is pointed in the direction for those who are incarcerated like myself and for those who unconsciously abandoned their family and children. When I speak of the word “ABANDON”, I’m not implying just the physical aspect. I’m talking about the emotional part of it. When we abdicate our responsibility to father our children emotionally, we leave them in a state of distress, instability and agony.

This is why some of our own children grow up doing the same exact thing that we did. They grow up feeling excluded, desolate, abandoned by us, for not being there for them when they needed us emotionally. When we emotionally detach ourselves from our children, we are also detaching that fatherly love, that fatherly embrace of caring, that fatherly positive advice and that fatherly role model.

This emotional scar stays with them for a lifetime which in turn, the majority of the time they direct that same emotional pain to their children, which is another generation that may go down the same road of negativity. We as Black Men need to look deep within ourselves and find solutions. We need to atone and find the causes of such emotional abuse and abandonment to our children.

It’s time that we come in tune with ourselves and come out of that dark atrocious mindset which governs our behavior. If we don’t, we might as well look forward to the T.V. and other people to raise our children emotionally, which you may regret later on in life. If you have a child through biological means, adopted one or have one that looks up to you for whatever reason, you must realize that you are given the title of a father and must act in accordance to such.

A father will represent a person who is ardent, watchful and will continuously be cognizant of the emotional, physical and mental immutability of his children. Therefore, a father will also possess an exemplary and commendable disposition and self discipline which his children can model themselves after.

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