08 November, 2009


November 19 is International Men’s Day

· Men protect and provide for families.

· Men render many services that make the society comfortable for everyone.

· Men make many contributions to science, technology and health of all.

· Men perform the most dangerous and difficult jobs in the world.

· Men take risks and die to save other lives during calamities and war.

· Men bring humor into our lives and make us laugh.

These men are…

…academic achievers, social leaders, champions of the environment, artists, comedians, soldiers, farmers, fishermen, fire fighters, and those more humble males who, on a daily basis, clean our streets, build our houses, fix our vehicles, police our streets, deliver newspapers and milk, care for children, and dedicate themselves to others.

These men are…

…our fathers, brothers, partners, sons, male friends, neighbours and colleagues.

On the occasion of International Men’s Day, let us remind ourselves that

- Men are human;

- Men experience pain, emotions and tears; and

- Men deserve our love, care, protection and support.

Let us recognize and honor men for the numerous services they render
and the innumerable sacrifices they make for the health and well-being of our families and society!!!

All India Forgotten Women
Andhra Pradesh Mothers-in-law Protection Association
Mothers and Sisters Initiative
Children’s Rights Initiative for Shared Parenting

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