09 April, 2007


The challenges that faced our parents, grandparents and great grandparents as they struggled under the most difficult set of circumstances to provide food, shelter and clothing for their families and shape the minds and souls of their children were daunting. They did not enjoy or have access to the economic and educational opportunities which many of us today enjoy and, far too often, take for granted. In spite of hardships, disappointments, and frustrations created by external factors beyond their control, our parents, grandparents and great grandparents remained committed to each other and to the families that they created. Their resilient spirit was buoyed by a strong sense of struggle and hope. It was a strong sense of hope that dulled the excruciating pain that accompanied their countless and selfless sacrifices. In their own unique way, they instilled in each of us a sense of hope and the ability to overcome our struggles. Hope and the ability to persevere are the most empowering and precious gifts that one can give. Cherish these gifts!. And pass them on!

Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents possessed an unshakable faith in education. Their faith was equally matched by their fervent hope that future generations would be able to take full responsibility for and advantage of the economic and educational opportunities that awaited them. With good reason, they viewed education as the “passport” to limitless economic growth and a productive and successful life. Education does, in fact, represent one of the key “pieces of the puzzle” to limitless economic opportunities and a successful and productive life for our children – the next generation of spouses, parents, scientists, artists, musicians, authors, legislators, educators, entrepreneurs, information technology professionals, lawyers, law enforcement professionals, health care professionals and providers, and social services professionals and providers.

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