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I am me regardless of someone else’s definition or perception. I am the embodiment of strength and tenacity. Wisdom and intuition. Nothing can hold me back. Not a thing! I am the creator of my universe. The symphony of Life,  I am the star that races across the sky during the eclipse. I am the first wonder of the world who will always be -- me.

I am unflinching and confident. I am the change that you will see in the coming days. I am the encourager of peace in the midst of chaos. An advocate for love. I will always be. . . the shaper of my destiny. I am – the builder of my abode. I am the creative force of transformative power that will occur and it shall be done. I am me.

I am the one who allows myself to be in my own way -- which I will never allow to happen. I am, you guessed it, the author of my condition – no one to blame. I am the walking manifestation of truth, love, and harmony – a reminder of who and what I am – me.

I a…