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It was not supposed to be this way. Or so I thought. When I looked at the future, I saw myself working behind the scenes helping my mentor, L.T. Henry, transform his vision of a world in which Men who were Fathers from all walks of life began working together, sharing information, supporting one another, and freely talking about issues directly and indirectly related to raising children – the village’s “heart soul’ – it’s bridge to the future. A classically trained jazz musician who performed briefly with The Philadelphia Orchestra; a former drummer for internationally acclaimed songstress and television and film actress Ms. Della Reese; author; photojournalist; and sales and success motivation trainer; L.T. Henry or “L.T.” as he was affectionately referred to by the souls whose lives he positively transformed, shared with me his vision for the world – IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD®. I was one of those fortunate souls with whom L.T. shared his wisdom and invested his time and energy. …