01 January, 2017


We must examine what we believe and think about Men and Boys.     

           Do we believe that a weak Man is a Man who is soft-spoken, peace-loving, and a Man who cries out for help when he is in deep physical or emotional pain?    

          Do we believe that a Man cannot nurture and love and therefore cannot raise children by himself?  

          Do we believe that a strong Man is a Man who is aggressive and who suffers in silence when he is in deep physical or emotional pain? ​ ​ 

Boys – Our Sons – emerge from the womb with the same full set of emotions as Girls – Our Daughters.  We give Our Daughters emotional freedom to express their hurt and pain.   YET, Our Sons are socialized to suppress their pain. Men who consistently suppress their hurt and pain either explode – commit acts of violence, or implode -- commit suicide to end their pain or self-medicate with  alcohol, food, drugs, or sex.

To learn more about the movement to allow Men and Boys to enjoy emotional freedom and January 2017: Emotional Freedom Month, contact the USA International Men's Day Team at:


In January 2017, Let’s rethink how we are socializing Our Sons  and shaping their concepts about strength, vulnerability, and masculinity.