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Soon after the results of the United States' 2016 Presidential Election were released, e-mails came flooding in to members of the USA International Men's Day Team from our colleagues and friends in Australia, Africa,  the Caribbean, Europe, Canada and Asia.  Their e-mails expressed surprise and concern about the impact of the Presidential Elect.  The USA IMD Team will continue its work to heal, to dialogue from a solutions-based perspective, to build bridges and transcend boundaries, and to address and resolve -- through its USA 2012-2022 International Men's Day Ten Year Platform  and its many Initiatives --  hunger, Fatherlessness, the need for real-life options and more physical and mental health resources and support services for Men and Boys, the need for the establishment of an Office of Men's Health in the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the need for the establishment of a Men's Studies Department and Curriculum in every college and uni…