12 October, 2016


          Incarcerated Men at the Adirondack Correctional Facility will be moved into the International Men's Day equation and the Global Fatherhood and Men's issues Dialogue under the leadership of Mr. Carry Greaves Chair of the International Men's Day "Healing And Repatriation" Initiative.   Mr. Greaves, who is a Senior Contributing Editor for IN SEARCH OF FATHERHOOD(R), a quarterly international Fatherhood and Men's Issues Journal; published free lance journalist; mentor; and poet  will, conduct an observance of International Men's Day on Saturday, 19 November 2016 at the Adirondack Correctional Facility which will take the form of a forum and panel discussion.  Greaves was selected to head up the International Men's Day "Healing And Repatriation" Initiative by Jerome Teelucksingh, Ph.D., a Gender Issues Thought Leader, Founder of International Men's Day (, and faculty member in the History Department at the University of West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago.  The theme for 2016 International Men's Day is "Talk About Male Suicide".  Observed in over 81 nations, International Men's Day shares a 48 hour partnership with Universal Children's Day which is celebrated worldwide on 20 November of each year and is endorsed by the United Nations. 

             In 2012, for the first time, International Men’s Day was observed in a correctional facility – the Clinton Correctional Facility--  located in Dannemora, New York.  Greaves' successful inauguration of  the 2012 International Men’s Day observance of International Men's Day spawned the creation of the International Men’s Day “Healing and Repatriation" Initiative in January 2013.  Since that time, International Men's Day observances have occurred at a number of American correctional facilities which include Bare Hill Correctional Facility and SCI Greene. The International Men’s Day “Healing and Repatriation” Initiative promotes the observance of International Men’s Day in all correctional facilities throughout the United States.   A number of International Men’s Day Coordinators in other nations are considering implementing this initiative in their country.  Observance of International Men’s Day at correctional facilities can take the form of workshops, forums, panel dicussions, and discussion groups about issues that are in alignment with the theme of International Men’s Day.

          So what is the International Men’s Day “Healing and Repatriation” Initiative all about?  It is about providing approximately 2,500,000 souls in the United States who are incarcerated with an opportunity to participate in a worldwide event which encourages them to engage in  atonement, critical thinking about issues that affect them, their families and loved ones, and the communities in which they have lived and will one day return to, and planning for their future.  It is about helping them to see themselves as "part of a whole".  It is one of the many ‘first steps’ that must be taken to heal and “reconnect” spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally approximately 600,000 souls who are released from American prisons every year and place them on the path to successful reintegration into society.

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