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Of the 7.4 billion souls who occupy our global village which we know as Planet Earth, 2.2 billion of these souls are children – Our Sons and Daughters – the “Next Generation of Leaders, Husbands, Fathers, Wives, and Mothers”.  Each of these  2.2. billion souls emerge from the womb emotionally, psychologically and spiritually whole.   The Millennium has produced a  group of children who are the most intellectually mature, creative, and keenly intuitive souls our global village has encountered.  Violence – physical and psychological, poverty, hunger, lack of access to adequate physical and mental health resources and support services, Fatherlessness, ethnic and religious intolerance, mass incarceration, an unlevel educational playing field, and illiteracy traumatizes these souls  as they make their journey from childhood to adulthood.   These 2.2 billion souls cry out every day to the Adults of the World as they make their journey from childhood to adulthood in a very turbule…