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It was an unseasonably warm March evening. Sunlight continued to bath the early evening sky as hundreds of thousands of souls emptied out of the multi-storied concrete and glass skyscrapers which dot Philadelphia’s downtown landscape leading to City Hall – the seat of government for the City of Philadelphia – the fifth largest metropolitan area of the United States. After completing an intellectually and for some – physically – grueling day of work, it was time to head home. A normally calm walk home or to the nearest bus stop, or to the entrances leading to the elevated and subway train stations morphed into a chaotic experience for these souls who were greeted by hundreds of school-aged children – children who were so fully engaged in a violent fracas that they were oblivious to the fact that they were in the middle of the city’s business district. What unfolded seemed somewhat surreal. Waves of armed police officers rushed to the scene in squad cars, on foot, and on bicycles to …