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January 2016 has been designated as "Men and Boys Emotional Freedom Month".  Now, some may ask, is a "Men and Boys Emotional Freedom Month" necessary? 

Well, let's see....

On Tuesday, 5 January 2016, United States President, The Honorable Barack H. Obama held a press conference at the White House during which he gave a very emotional speech on gun violence in America.  The press conference is a prelude to a Town Hall Meeting he is scheduled to conduct on gun violence in the United States during the evening of Thursday, 7 January 2016.  So, what did the American media have to say about the President's speech on gun violence?  Here a few samples:

CNN.COM - President Obama Sheds Tears During Gun Speech

THE WASHINGTON POST - President Obama Cried In Public Today

TIME MAGAZINE - Why Obama Cries Over Gun Control

U.S NEWS & WORLD REPORT - President Obama Cries During Gun Control Speech