08 September, 2015


5625 W. Master Street
Philadelphia, PA 19131
(215) 473-5893
Facsimile: (215) 879-5340


Mr. David Fattah, Coordinator
National Million Father March – City of Philadelphia
House of Umoja, Inc.
(215) 473-5893

           PHILADELPHIA, PA (USA) --    8 September 2015 -- The Honorable Michael Nutter, Mayor of the City of Philadelphia; The Honorable Curtis Jones, Jr., Councilman for Philadelphia’s Fourth Councilman District; The Honorable Chaka Fattah, United States Representative for Pennsylvania’s Second Congressional District; and The Honorable Vincent Hughes, a Pennsylvania State Senator who represents Pennsylvania’s Seventh Senatorial District together with key stakeholders will usher in the 2015-2016 academic year on Tuesday, 8 September 2015 by participating in the 2015 National Million Father March. Since 2007, under the leadership of Mr. David Fattah, who serves as Philadelphia’s Coordinator for the National Million Father March, and the House of Umoja, Inc. (www.houseofumoja,org), Fathers in the City of Philadelphia have joined Fathers in over 800 cities throughout the United States in helping their children greet the new academic year.

          “The House of Umoja, Inc. is leading by example. We are asking Fathers to assemble at 7:00 A.M. at our office which is located at 5625 West Master Street. Once the Fathers have assembled at our office, we will march to the Universal Bluford Charter School which is located at 5720 Media Street. We will be joined by Mayor Michael Nutter, The Honorable Curtis Jones, The Honorable Chaka Fattah, and The Honorable Vincent Hughes and other key stakeholders. In view of the fact that educational needs are increasing while resources are declining, the National Million Father March is a critical piece of the puzzle to enhancing our children’s academic success and helping them mature into productive and successful adults. Through the 2015 National Million Father March, we are expanding the emphasis on academic achievement in the City of Philadelphia. We are asking all parents to provide support throughout the entire 2015-2016 academic year as we redefine student goal attainment. While we want our children to excel academically and be equipped with the essential tools needed to compete for careers in a global marketplace, we also want to acknowledge our children for the positive contributions that many of them make to our communities – and to encourage our children to practice good citizenship at school, at home, in our community, and in the world outside of their immediate environment. Educating our children – the Next Generation of Leaders -- and providing them with the tools they will need to become successful, productive and well-adjusted adults in a global marketplace is a shared responsibility. It takes a village to educate a child,” explained Mr. Fattah.

         The National Million Father March is the brainchild of Mr. Philip Jackson, the Founder and Executive Director of The Black Star Project ( headquartered in Chicago, Illinois which offers academic and mentoring programs for children, workforce development projects, and school services. For further information about The Black Star Project, visit its website at

          The House of Umoja, Inc. is an internationally acclaimed internationally acclaimed organization’s successful track record of transforming and working with youths has moved universities and institutions that include, but are not limited to, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Prevention and the Center for Disease Control, to seek the expertise of Queen Mother Falaka Fattah and her husband Mr. David Fattah in the areas of gang reduction, youth programming, and community organizing. Former United States Presidents Jimmy Carter and the late Ronald Reagan have recognized the House Of Umoja, Inc. for its pioneering work which has been documented in published articles such as A Summons To Life, by Robert Woodson of the American Enterprise Institute in 1981 and The Violent Juvenile Offender by Paul DeMuro and Richard Allison of the National Council On Crime And Delinquency in 1984. For further information about the House of Umoja, Inc., call (215) 473-5893 or send an e-mail to:, or visit the organization’s website at
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