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“I want my baby back and he’s never going to come back.Every morning when I go take a shower, I still peek in his room.I left his room exactly the way he left it.I know he’s not there, butI still peek in his room. . . . I will be in hell until the day I die because I found my son hanging.It’s a whole system that destroyed my son.”                Venida Browder, mother of the late Kalief Browder
I have never met Mrs. Browder,yet her pain, her helplessness, and the depth of her griefreverberates through my soul.Her words are chilling and forever etched in my mind.Maybe it’s the “code” – the “code” of empty spaces between her every word that allows me . . . forces me. . . to see her waking up every morning, walking to her son’s empty room, opening the door, and peeking in. When she opens the door, she knows what she will find.She knows he is not there. . will not be there. . . yet she still looks for her son.Her pain . . . her helplessness . . . her loss is everyone’s pain . . . everyone’…