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I have listened to “Can’t Raise A Man”, a song performed by popular American songstress K. Michelle over the past few months. I hear it being sung as an anthem by young ladies who have not themselves grasped who they are. I have watched the music video for “Can’t Raise A Man” as well and have decided to make a response in order to share my view of what is indeed a multi-faceted song. 
First, I’d like to commend K. Michelle for not making this a “man bashing” song. However, in a society where emasculation or attempts thereof are becoming more common, it is used by some as such. Miss Michelle makes several references to the man’s upbringing and how if it has not shaped him into a man of character , then what makes the current lady in his life think she can mold him. I am giving a man’s perspective on the issues of raising a man and how this song presents both genders. As a Father of sons and daughters I have a lot at stake in raising a man. 
 In the first stanza of the song K. …