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Showing posts from October 11, 2013
In the world of business, only three things matter:
1.  What do you know? 2.  What do you have to offer? 3.  Can you be trusted?
Being brilliant and possessing top notch skills and a track record of producing high quality goods and services are a few "pieces of the puzzle" to succeeding in the business world.  But it is not enough.  Whether you are the CEO of a for-profit or not for profit organization, your intellectual capital, skills, and ability to produce high quality goods and services will not do you much good if you cannot be trusted.  Why?  Because the world of business runs on trust!
How does the world determine whether or not you can be trusted?  Your adherence to the unwritten rules of etiquette is the yardstick the world of business utilizes to determine if you are trustworthy.  Your professional reputation and success and that of your organization is directly tied to whether you abide by or violate the written and unwritten rules of etiquette.  While the world …