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Some time ago, I wrote that individuals born between 1950 and 1970 were probably the last generation of children who were raised by the village. Since that time, I have had an opportunity to talk to members of generations born after 1970. I decided to listen . . . to limit my “talking” to asking questions and answering their questions, and to keep an open mind. As I listened, it became glaringly apparent to me that the “generational divide” is real. As a result, the threads that held our communities together have unraveled. Tradition, history, and key pieces of information about successfully navigating the world outside of one’s environment, parenting, and social amenities have not been passed down to generations born after 1970. Is it any wonder that chaos engulfs many of our communities? Engaging in finger pointing and arguing about “who dropped the ball” is a luxury that we simply do not have. We must with all deliberate speed close the chasm that exists between the generati…