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Every day – through deeds – Men teach us valuable life lessons about selflessness, courage, loyalty, compassion, unconditional love, and the importance of “doing what is best for the tribe” as opposed to “doing what is best for self”. Yet, in some circles, the question of whether Men are really necessary is being discussed. Subliminal mixed messages about masculinity, parental roles and responsibilities, and the rules of engagement for courtship and marriage are being conveyed to Men through mainstream media, films, television situation comedies and literature. 

Many Men live a “thankless” existence. They struggle to provide for their families, positively shape the minds and souls of their children, and empower the communities in which they live and work. No one – or hardly anyone – is telling a Man: “Thank you! Job well done! Hey, I appreciate you!” Conversely – implicitly and explicitly -- Men are being told consistently: “A real man does this! A real man does that!”Society tells boy…