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Children born between 1950 and 1970 could very well be the last generation of children raised by the village as we have to come know it. What did it mean to be a child raised by the village? Every adult in your community had rising expectations for you. They reinforced – in no uncertain terms -- the value system, life lessons, and social skills taught to you by your family. Parents, educators, school administrators, religious institutions, community leaders, non-profit organizations, and concerned adults worked as a team to ensure that the children of the village excelled academically and matured into productive and successful adults. If you were a child raised by the village, you were “every one’s child”. There was an implicit agreement among the Fathers and Mothers in the village that all adults had the right to admonish you when you were misbehaving and protect you from harm. A child being raised by the village felt connected, loved, and protected. In the Millennium,…